Drug induced schizophrenia

Does anyone have drug induced paranoia and schizophrenia? if so I would love to hear your experience with it. My son who is 21 has just been diagnosed after experimenting with drugs for a few months at the start of this year. He was completely normal before taking these drugs and now he’s a different person. The weird thing is the paranoia and schizophrenia developed gradually over 9 months of being clean. At first I just thought he had depression as he wouldn’t leave the house or socialise or talk much but within the last month he started talking to himself, became delusional blaming people of poking him or spitting at him when they weren’t and he had a couple of violent outbursts and broke up the house.
He’s now on monthly medication by injection.
I would love any advice if anyone is familiar with this. I have developed anxiety from worry.

I don’t have personal experience, but my mom developed psychosis after taking a sleeping medication (Zolpidem) for a few months. She’s living in her car and refuses to stay in an apartment, but I know that she gets comfort from seeing and being around me. Truly, the best we can do is be there for them and be ready whenever they’re ready for additional support and help

One of my best friends had a grandson who became schizophrenic after taking spice. The psychosis never went away, although eventually he was involuntarily hospitalized and medicated and is now less psychotic. He is in a state run home.

I hope that you see results on the monthly injection your son is on. In my own case, only a monthly injection brought my daughter slowly out of the psychosis she was in for 3 years. Now having been on the Haldol Dec Shot for years, she is as close to hallucination free and delusion free as she will probably ever be. She says her voices are “in a little box in her head now” and she can keep them there, although she still hears them sometimes.

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