First time writer ! How can I support my boyfriend who has undifferentiated schizophrenia?

How can I support him better ? He’s about to be 31 and lives in a homeless shelter . He’s left 3 jobs due to feeling overwhelmed. He’s a great daddy to his son but sometimes doesn’t seem very interested in us . I’ve known him since before his psychotic break and I know how he really is . We are trying to live together but road blocks keep getting in the way. Sometimes when I talk to him he spaces out . Can anyone give me a little advice ?

Welcome @Tashicat this is a good place to get advice. I was helped most by NAMI’s Family to Family class, the book “I’m not Sick, I Don’t Need Help” by Dr. Amador and by this site (browsing, lurking, posting). Good luck sorting things out!

He should be seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis and receiving antipsychotic medication. Since he can’t pay for such things, he needs support from whoever administers social services in your area. You might want to start there – see who can help the homeless mentally ill where you live.