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Frustration for my son (From Diag Forum)


Just moving this post over here for continued discussion:

My son called today after 9+ mos. in the State psychiatric hospital.

Why is it he’s surrounded by professionals and yet not being helped and doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him? He doesn’t have a plan or seem to know what he will have to do to move on.

He’s considered SFI (severely functionally impaired), been off meds, in the hospital numerous times.

Today he opened up about many things. He sounded like himself., talked about getting his own place, invited me for a visit etc.

He’s sounds like he’s dying of boredom.

And still will suddenly say things like: “I’ll put a razor in your head you f**in bi*ch.”

It doesn’t seem like he can control this.

He hit one doctor and says now he has one he can talk to/likes.

I would appreciate input and support because after his call I get so depressed all I want to do is sleep.

Vermont Woman


9 months is a long time, has he been threatening that long?