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Gasslighting person with sz?

I am relatively new here and I have a concern id like some feedback with.

I will also be discussing with a professional medical team and correct services.

My friend has moved back to her hometown to be closer to her parents as her she was struggling to cope with her sz and when she broke up with her bf of 7 years she had no one where she was.
Her family bought a small house for her to live in, that she pays rent on.
Since she’s moved in she has complained of ‘tapping’ in her roof. Tapping sounds NOT coinciding with weather expansion etc, tapping does not occur when weather changes dawn, dusk etc. She has been told it the water pipes that in the roof and walls, rather than under the house.
My friend is distressed by this tapping and thinks / feels it’s someone who doesn’t like her or is hostile trying to upset and distress her, control her thoughts and feelings.
She has been told she can pay for the water pipes to be changed from the roof to under house, which she doesn’t want to do. Now has been told its the water pipes banging together.
She says tapping does not sound like this.
It happens as soon as she opens her eyes and she feels it’s violent. The tapping is sometimes faint sometimes loud tap. She can’t pinpoint it’s sore as the tapping is so irregular. Sometimes at 1pm sometimes at 3:15am.

It is stressing her out and thus exacerbating her sz symptoms.
Feeling that her family betrayed her and is tapping on her roof to harass her.
She really needs rest after what she’s been through and has told me she doesn’t feel safe in the area she is living.

She was hoping moving back to her hometown she would be able to rest and gain peace to manage her condition better.
Now she is considering moving interstate again.

Can families do this to their unwell family members. Is it betrayal, is it just something logical or does my friend have to move away from these people?
Please help

Hi Pixie_May,

Welcome to the forum. It is great that you are so concerned for your friend that you have chosen to sign up with the forum. You will learn a lot by just looking at other posts, because information is hard to come by otherwise.

Without knowing the particulars, it seems to me that your friend is very paranoid. The paranoia will make her think that the tapping is real and she will believe that her family members are conspiring against her.

The big question is: Is she on medication? Are you SURE she is taking her medication? If she is on medication, is it the RIGHT medication for her particular type of SZ? There are different symptoms and different medications which treat those particular symptoms.

I know you care about her and that is great. Everyone should have an advocate and friends. But if her family is sincerely concerned about her…and it seems that they are if they bought a place for her to live…the family probably knows what’s going on and if they don’t, they should be informed so that they can tell her doctor.

SZ can be an awful thing and messes with the emotions of non-SZ friends and family. Please support your friend as much as you are able to and if you can, help her find a way to stay in her house. Moving states, away from family, will make it harder for her to navigate services. It is so difficult when SZ sufferers are homeless (I know because my husband is not med-compliant and has been homeless for a year.).

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My daughter has heard sounds from the roof of her second floor room. I have occasionally heard it too so I know it’s not just an hallucination. It sounds like an animal on the roof. Most likely a squirrel. But it makes her feel paranoid and thinks the animal follows her wherever she goes… purposely. It freaks her out. Her imagination runs wild and she has mental images of some creature out to get her. I think it doesn’t bother as much anymore since they upped her anxiety med.