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Grand mother is schizophrenic and I want to do shroom


Hi, im 17years old I have smoke weed for like 3 years and I had never had any problem with it. I have try lsd 2 time and shroom 4 time… on shroom I always had a good time but on the lsd I bad trip twice. So I was wondering if doing shroom again was okay even if my grandmother is schizophrenic.


@Lolo22 The answer is 100% no. With schizophrenia in your family history, recreational drug use is not a smart decision. In addition to that you are 17, your brain is not fully developed until you are in your 20’s so if you want to give yourself your very best chance of having a fully sane and intelligent adult life stay away from recreational drugs and take care of yourself. I know what I am talking about because my son did many different recreational drugs during his teen years and it caused drug induced brain damage and he has schizophrenia as well, now he is 32 and I take care of him full time. You are not too young to make your mental and physical health a top priority. You will be grateful you did in the years to come.


Please don’t do it. I believe that doing shrooms, lsd and smoking pot brought on schizophrenia in my son. He has had sz for 7 years and believe me, it’s not something you want to experience.


but i have smoked alot of weed and never had any problem with ti…


@Lolo22 Even weed is like a time bomb in people with a genetic link for schizophrenia and studies have shown that it if you have the gene and it is not yet active the weed can “flip the switch”, it might and it might not, is it really worth it to take that kind of a gamble with the rest of your adult life?. Once that genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back. It can start anytime without warning and the prime time for it to start is 17-25. Maybe you have just been VERY lucky so far. I would count your blessings and ask yourself why you have a focus on getting high in spite of the risks involved. Best of luck to you. Here is the article about the study on weed and schizophrenia if you are interested. http://www.schizophrenia.com/prevention/streetdrugs.html


Don’t. I know that sounds harsh but I know 2 people in high school who had a family history of sz and the shrooms kicked it in. Both are 46 now, still fighting it. Both were pot smokers.

My husband is where he is now in part bcz of pot and other drugs. It’s not worth it. Really. And I’m a pro legalization person… or I was. I don’t do any substances. Please dont.


Thank you so much for answering! I think i understand, ill stop smoking and i won’t do shroom… Thanks! :slight_smile:


My son smoked a lot of weed too, probably from age 16 or so. He didn’t have his first psychotic break until age 20.


@Lolo22 I am so happy to hear of your decision! Don’t hesitate to check in from time to time, you have a lot of people here that really understand what it’s like to have a family member with schizophrenia. Best of luck in all you do! :rose:


No problems yet ? Life is not done. Don’t do it. It’s not worth losing your brain functioning correctly and avoiding mental illness. Genes definitely play a role in mental illness. Please put your energy into thinking and planning for education and a good career. God bless your life.


Lolo22 - My son is 17. He has used acid too many times to count, smokes pot and thinks it is the wonder drug, and has done other drugs (pills). His schziophrenia is a terrible thing to watch. Believe me when I tell you this, you do NOT want to bring this upon yourself. My son is highly intelligent. He wanted to be a doctor when he was a little boy. He was in advanced classes in elementary and middle school. Then the drugs started. His grades started to slide (he used to have straight As and usually didn’t try that hard - that is how smart he is). I am thinking we will be lucky if he can have some menial job some day. With schizophrenia comes this lethargy and lack of motivation that zaps your energy for life. I have watched my son go from being the Energizer Bunny as a toddler to barely moving turtle as a teenager. It is a horrible thing to have. I can’t stress this enough to you. Don’t dabble in street drugs and jeopardize your mental health!


I don’t know if the OP was for real or not, but I agree that doing hullicinagens is like playing Russian roulette with your mental health, especially if you have a genetic risk for sz.
My husband’s psychotic break came as a result of doing some sort of acid. Although he’d done acid before with no bad after effects. The last time triggered his Sz.
As far as that class of drugs, mushrooms can be more mild than other hullicinagens, but still NOT recommended,