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Hard to find daughter’s Haldol

Is anyone else finding it hard to find the medication your loved ones need???

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We just found out that the outpatient psychiatric center has a pharmacy that is opening to the public and they have haldol! The p-doc has to write a new prescription and we will be set! Hurray!

They must use a different supplier than our regular pharmacy.

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The FDA is reporting a shortage and expects most of them to be back in supply by April. I would work closely with your daughter’s doctor to get her through until the supply returns, possibly with something comparable if need be. It is very frustrating. Here is the FDA link. I would also try calling every pharmacy you can possibly get to to -to check their supply because one place could be out and another could have plenty depending on the demand on that area. One more thing is if the 20 mg are a large enough tablet to be able to cut into 4’s maybe those could be prescribed temporarily if no other solution can be found until the 5 mg supply returns. Haldol can also be given in a shot form so maybe the doctor can help with that if necessary…all just temporary brainstorm ideas…hope it helps.

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That’s great news! I was just looking around online to see what alternatives you might have. It seems as if Haldol, in particular, has gone through shortages on and off over the years. That would be concerning enough for me to ask the doctor if the shot might be a better option for your daughter, especially because she seems to be doing so well with it at the moment.

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I mentioned that and she said that she reduses to have the injection… she hates needles

I saw that site yesterday afternoon

It is becoming an issue. Not just with meds for MI. At work we use an antibiotic that has been relatively inexpensive and around for years. Went to reorder a supply and it was $900.00!! Have gotten notices of contamination in moms BP meds and most recently a thyroid med. Shortages, price increases and contamination are worrisome across the board.

Glad you found a supply.

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My daughter has had no trouble getting her monthly shot of Haldol. I am still feeling blessed that this has gone so smoothly. I am assuming she knows the court order is over, as the paper requiring her to call the Sheriff once a week is gone from where she hung it on her door. I will not mention it. She even let me attend the required recent psych eval with her new psychiatrist, she actually asked the doctor if I could be there. She told the psychiatrist that she has had no history of violence (although she was arrested twice for battery, the charges were dropped). She still feels no real side effects, and has no reason to quit her meds in her own mind.

I would feel desperate if we/she found out she couldn’t get her meds at her outpatient pharmacy. For some reason, they aren’t even charging her for the shot because (everyone else gets their meds free). It is a county supported clinic, so maybe that is why there is no charge for the shot. She is also on Obamacare insurance as my dependent. As long as I am working, she will continue to get Obamacare.

Oh my, the worry about supply and demand never occurred to me. I do hope you can continue to find your daughter’s meds easily @Windyhill63

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