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Has any one tries Risperidone?

My husband started Risperidone about month ago. The symptom s gone away but he seems very quite, one level mood. Does not get excited anymore or laugh or talk. Very quite. Has anyone tried this medicine? Could symptoms come back? Any bad side effects?

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For me it gave me a variety of differentt states
Hungry for 6 months
Then that disappeared and I got the weight off ( quite common for risperidone)

I became quit Elated at times, otherwise, yes a little flat, I think , not as much as other meds though if I remember that is a trade he might have to make for sanity

It is quite a usually well tolerated, it was my best medication but I got so well that I went all non compliant and had a very bad time for 3 years… until I was in hospital for almost a year and was put on one of the heavier older drugs

Stick with it unless it becomes intolerable would be my advice
Less dramatic medication changes have also landed me in hospital prior to that, twice

Try it as long term
Don’t worry about side effects, schizophrenia is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone as far as functioning when unwell,

Even good reasons to come off and try something better have been wrong decisions in my experience

However there are meds that work better for every individual than others.

I wish your partner good recovery

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Also one month is almost nothing re time away from being unwell

Reassess after 3 months and again at 6 months

The first 3 months coming back from psychosis can be really on the edge a bit at times

I lost my laugh and smile and sense of humour for many years, but that was in an a very abusive relationship which was very bad for me
Took meeting my husband and lots of good times to get it back

Mostly my advice comes down to being patient

My 55 year old son was started on risperidone about 1 1/2 years ago. He gradually lost all his symptoms and now seems almost normal. He still leaves his coat on all the time (unless it gets so hot outside he can’t stand it). Plus some other negative symptoms. But that medication really turned him around.

This is one site where you can find information about medications:

My son was on this for 2.5 years. I thought it helped he thought it flattened him out. My thought is give it 6 months…

Thanks for saying this, @three.

I have a lot of guilt for really pushing the medications on my husband - and for enrolling his family in these efforts, as he was too paranoid to listen to me.

Although ultimately he is the one choosing to take the pill every night, I know he is only doing it because we tell him he needs to do this.

And his life looks so much better (from the outside) when he is on medication, but I hate it that he cannot see his situation clearly enough to really be able to make this choice on his own.

It really helps to hear your inside perspective on this.

You could think about getting him to keep a diary of how he feels (or what good or not good is happening in his life) when he is on medication vs. when he is psychotic. And if he isn’t interested in that, you could subtly do it yourself…just making notes (or even photos) about each day, that perhaps you could share with him at some point. It might help him to be able to reflect back and face the reality of what is happening.

My 33 year old son has been on Risperidone (4 mg) for 7 months. We met with his Doctor 2 weeks ago and she was stunned that he has not had any psychotic episodes since he has been on his meds. The medication does make my son emotional flat He also has a glazed look in his eyes. However, he is getting his sense of humor back. His Doctor is thinking about cutting his medication back slowly and resorting to perhaps a maintenance level. I hope so. I think cutting back might help him be more alert but I do not want him to regress.