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Healing Through Body Awareness [Manual]-[Practical Guide]

I can handle my SZ symptoms without meds and live normally

Also solved my extreme anxiety and clinical depression problems (my depression included suicidal thoughts)

A shaman (who is an extremely generous and wise man, to who I will always be full of gratitude, he drastically changed my life) taught me how to do so

Decided to write a PDF manual with this teachings, in Spanish, my native language. Then, with some effort I made an English translation

I wrote the manual because I’m absolutely sure that this is a great, easy way to a healthy life for people with Schizophrenia (and also for people with other problems like depression or extreme anxiety)

I’m absolutely sure nobody will lose time when attempting to follow this method correctly.

To what was taught to me, I added the detail about letting your intuition guide you wile taking awareness of your whole body, since I think this is a essential part to take full advantage of this technique and never lose the progress achieved with the massages

By pointing out that I’m able to handle the symptoms only with this method and without taking meds, I don’t mean that people should go off meds without the approval of a psychiatrist, I’m only pointing out what can be achieved when following the instructions correctly.

It is not required to have any kind of belief for this method to work, it is all about the massages and the body awareness, concentration and focus.

I know that many people with schizophrenia have a problem with concentration and focus, but the massages will help a lot with this

In this manual I tried to be as clear as possible and to go straight to the point with the less amount of words possible, and I only cover the practical side of the technique, since that is what is truly useful to people with schizophrenia, and also because most people simply don’t believe we have an energetic body so most people don’t actually care about the theoretical aspect

It was truly night and day for me, before following this method, I felt very confused because of hearing thousands of voices all day saying nonsense and also violent stuff, had severe concentration problems (sometimes voices sounded louder than human voices and this was a problem), also visually hallucinated things like blood on the walls, floor, and also over people

I knew these were hallucinations but was afraid I was never going to be normal, had irrational fears and was paranoid, also was a cocaine addict, now I have found inner peace, I’m able to maintain that state all day, don’t suffer from schizophrenia symptoms if I don’t get distracted from my body, I’m never angry, I’m never depressed anymore, since I feel so great I no longer feel the urge to use cocaine

Had involuntary movements of the facial muscles and limbs before, I no longer suffer from that either

PDF in English:

EPUB in English:

PDF in Spanish:

EPUB in Spanish:


Healing Through Body Awareness

Persons are beings made of a physical part and of an energetic one

When the energetic part gets misaligned from the physical, several problems may arise

For example: emotional instability, visual and auditory hallucinations, schizophrenia, psychosis, extreme anxiety, clinical depression, bipolarity, multiple personality, involuntary movements of facial muscles and limbs, tardive dyskinesia, post-traumatic stress, drug/alcohol dependency

Therapeutic Method:

The incidence of the symptoms mentioned above can be drastically reduced -sometimes completely healed- with the following procedure:

Once a day one must sit on a chair and dedicate 10 or 15 minutes to a self-massage routine, which begins with a massage on the knees (with open palms), then follows with the thighs area, and then one must use the index, middle and ring fingers to massage all the central area of the torso, this must be done beginning four fingers below the umbilicus and finalizing on the end of the sternum, just before the beginning of the throat area.


To this routine you can then add extra self-massages with open palms to all the rest of the torso, the kidneys area, sacrum area, the head, neck or where you feel it may be necessary.

During this whole process, the mind must be solely focused on taking awareness of the whole body, completely ignoring any kind of worries related to daily life. To achieve this, you must let your intuition guide you on the task of doing introspection on a physical/sensory level, this will allow the filling of what feels like empty spaces inside the body with one’s own energy. Gradually, one will begin to gain a greater sense of awareness of the body and its weight.

While massaging the central area of the torso, one must focus as much as possible on the physical sensations and try to go deep inside of one’s own body.

Apart from facilitating realignment, the massages drain the negative emotions (when emotions such as sadness and anger get accumulated on the body, this can cause emotional instability, tension, and in some cases the conjunction of both things causes mental health issues) and heal emotional wounds.

Then during the day, you must heedfully follow the guidance of your intuition (on a physical/sensory level) in order to maintain awareness of the whole body, while you also maintain focus on three main areas: nape, chest and sacrum (the sacrum is the bone located at the base of your vertebral column, on your lower back).

The act of maintaining awareness of the whole body all day long is as important as the massages themselves, because this will allow to maintain good alignment between both the physical and the energetic parts of your being, and in this resides the ability to maintain emotional stability and mental clarity.

Maintaining Internal Harmony:

A person who is able to stay centered on his/her body, will be able to remain calm even when, for example, is insulted or is suffering psychological violence -which does not imply passivity to aggression, I’m saying this in a sense of maintaining your inner peace imperturbable-. This is due to the fact that negativity (and emotions like anger), emotional pain and uneasiness, are only perceived by the individual when a given situation (past or present) is disgusting enough that he or she feels surprised and gets distracted -and this, with time and practice, can be avoided, it is a matter of concentration and of maintaining focus on the body-.



The emotions we feel are energy

Emotional trauma causes accumulation of negative emotions (negative energy) in the body (which can derive in emotional instability, which in turn can derive in drug dependency), and this can also cause a buildup of tension in the body.

The conjunction of both negativity and tension, can generate a misalignment between the energetic and physical bodies, this misalignment causes abnormalities in brain function and this is what causes mental health issues.

For example: post-traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, anger issues, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolarity, multiple personality disorder

Sometimes the misalignment derives not only in mental health issues but also in physical problems, like tardive dyskinesia.

There is a way to drastically reduce the incidence of these symptoms: draining the negative emotions to heal emotional trauma plus doing a re-alignment of the energetic body to the physical body.

This can be achieved with the daily self-massage routine along with the habit of maintaining body awareness all day long, which sometimes can lead to full recovery.


Hi Charles, Thank you for taking the time to write your post and your instructions. I downloaded them so I can go over them with my daughter. She is very aware of the physical/energetic sides of herself and might like your ideas very much.

I think that it is great you have been able to conquer your schizophrenia and live normally. And that you understand medications are needed for some people. Perhaps this will help with my daughter’s inability to process information and get her drive back to work again. Whatever improvements she could make I will be grateful for. I think she WANTS to be more a part of the world, but it is still a very confusing place for her coupled with learning/thinking disabilities.

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Hi, I’ve had a history of severe mental illness but managed to get better and no longer take any medication, work part time 2 jobs and actually enjoy my life with my girlfriend and look forward to the future. If any men would like some ideas on how to get better here’s a link to my short essay


Also I have a YouTube Channel where I air my views. Good Luck>



Hello @oldladyblue :slight_smile:

Thank you for having an open mind, reading my post and sharing the information with your daughter. I really hope she benefits from this

I never actually believed -until a few months ago- that I was going to be able to fully go back to normal, but in the end experimented drastic, extremely positive changes

This took many months… But I think those who follow this manual will be able to see good positive results from the first time they go through all the steps. Following the guide of one’s own intuition in the task of taking awareness of the whole body is a key aspect to taking full advantage of this technique and its benefits, however I had to figure this out by myself by trial and error (I was told to “inhabit myself”, but I couldn’t clearly understand what this actually meant or what to actually do in order to achieve this… Then I realized this meant “let your intuition guide you in the task of taking awareness of your whole body”) If I had knew this from the beginning, I’m sure I’d have achieved a state of full mental clarity with no hallucinations and no involuntary movements in about 4 days

Why I’m so sure? Well, if I lose body awareness on purpose then all the SZ symptoms start manifesting again in a matter of seconds, plus involuntary movements of the limbs and facial muscles

And after inducing this state, I can also make all the symptoms suddenly stop by re-focusing on my body again

So, from my experience that is the actual difference between having severe psychiatric problems (plus tardive dyskinesia) and being perfectly normal: body awareness

I think normal people just listen to their intuition without being aware they are doing it, I mean, they have constant or almost constant full or almost full body awareness of their bodies

Emotional trauma can make people to subconsciously reject their physical bodies, because of the negativity and the tension buildup, which generates some kind of gap between the physical and the energetic bodies (and this gap causes abnormalities in brain function)

For normal people, it is an automatic thing (unconsciously taking awareness in order to maintain good alignment), like breathing, but they don’t even know they are doing this

I feel like that now, like it is an automatic thing, it becomes so easy, I’m a completely different person now (regarding mental health and emotional stability)

Before I was suicidal and I wanted to talk to dead people to ask them if they regretted dying, so I could decide it it would be convenient to commit suicide or not

Now I feel happy to just exist

Hope she starts feeling lees confused so she can do all the things she really wants to do without problems :slight_smile:

And regarding sz people in general who were able to do certain things before the sickness struck them but no longer are able to, I’m specially positive and almost sure they can go fully back to normal following the method described in the manual (You fix the gap, you fix all the problems, I could be wrong… But that is the way I see this from personal experience)

P.S.: the gap gets fixed with the combination of the masssages + body awareness, so it won’t matter if the patient believes in the existence of such gap or not, the method will work, cause and effect

I’m happy to hear you manage to live a happy life without the need of meds, thanks for sharing your essay :slight_smile:

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Hi Charles, I like your explanations. The reality of what you call the gap is very real to me. Although I don’t talk about it much, I had several out of body experiences as a child, and those experiences, which even my mother didn’t believe, got me thinking at a young age of the mind to body emotional connections that we all take for granted without even noticing them. Your method is simple, doable, and has provided you great benefit with no downside. It will take me awhile to get the concepts to my daughter, who doesn’t read much anymore, but does talk/walk with me nightly. My end goal right now is to get her to agree to the 15 minutes of time needed for us to do this, and to learn it with me. Again, thank you for sharing.

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How were these experiences?

Pretty simple and also extremely effective

What a person does when following the instructions of this manual, is working with his/her own energy flow through massages and through the act of focusing his/her mind on the task of taking awareness of the whole body, in order to restore himself/herself to a healthy state of balance

For this to happen, it doesn’t matter if the person believes we have an energetic body or not, because this is cause and effect. The success is just a mater of concentration and focus. Those who have concentration problems should not worry, I’m sure concentration capability will improve after a few days of following this method

Eventually there will be psychiatrists who will be amazed at the changes they will see in some people, then they will become interested enough in things that are considered nonsense right know, and then there will be drastic changes in the recommended treatments for certain conditions

It is a matter of more people trying the method and reporting the results

Good luck :), and remember she will be able to do all the things she used to do

I couldn’t watch TV for example, because I’d become extremely nervous seeing peoples faces and start hallucinating and laughing involuntarily (I know laughing involuntarily has nothing to do with SZ symptoms, but that happened to me and was horrible), couldn’t look people in the eyes while talking because of the same reason, and many times couldn’t clearly hear what real people were saying because the voices were too loud and I couldn’t focus

Also suffered a lot from involuntary grimaces (wikipedia says this is part of the Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms)

Now I’m a healthy person who can enjoy movies, tv shows and interacting with people, I’m also able to focus on what I read, and in a few months I’ll go back to a tertiary institute where I study a career related to computer science

P.S: I updated the PDF/EPUB links some time after creating the post, the new files include this new paragraph

Apart from facilitating realignment, the massages drain the negative emotions (when emotions such as sadness and anger get accumulated on the body, this can cause emotional instability, tension, and in some cases the conjunction of both things causes mental health issues) and heal emotional wounds.

P.S.2: in case this thread gets deleted (someone already deleted my thread on the main forum), this manual can also be found on /r/mentalillness, /r/schizophrenia, /r/depression, /r/anxiety and /r/psychosis on reddit

This is the first comment I got from someone who tried this after reading one of my posts on reddit. This is a testimony of someone suffering from anxiety disorders who drastically benefited from the instructions given in this manual:

I tried this last night just before bed and I’ll tell u what I felt so relaxed and kind of rlly in touch with myself just before bed and the next day I can say that I felt pretty great in comparison most of my other days where usually I am extremely anxious and I feel as if my head is shaking


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Thanks Charles for your answers to me. To answer your question, the experiences I had were unique, pleasant, and gave me certainty that a person’s own consciousness can exist separated from the body. It usually happened to me when sleeping. The first time, I simply was downstairs in the kitchen watching my mom cook. Later when I woke and went down to the kitchen, I tried to tell my mother I’d been watching her and what she did, but she was astonished at what I said and sort of shaken up. I felt bad that I’d upset her, but I knew what I had experienced.

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