Hello i discuss My Mom Health


hello i am in india, we are small family… i want to discuss my mom health… she affected schiphrenia disease past 20 years, she get medicines well few years, last one year mom disturb her, she not eat well, not sleep well, sudennly speeching un wanted thoughts,shout abnormally and we discuss some good guides but we are confuse my family lot of problem,we consult lot of doctors… they are give tablets its give sleep only… after morning she feel same problem, some time she dont know our name told wrongly, and she cant find my dad and my brothers, example : she say my dad" told u r not my huband say unkmown person name, and my name also i am first son, then when she go to sleeping time, she cant sleep, lot of disturbing in our mind… this symptomps sleeping time 1,goes to out of house 2,say unknown person names,3, shoutly bad words, 4 when close she eyes few seconds open again, 5.see some place example watching light she focus our mind, after few hours medicines work, start to sleep, day by day she get lot of problems, we cant see my mom at this stage… please help me any body i am not educated well, if any trouble sorry…


Hi Law_mom,

Maybe you could re-discuss this with her doctor? In some cases it seems that it takes awhile for medication to do their work properly. Maybe the doses of her medicine is not high enough…


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Have you discussed your mom with the people from this place?