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Hi, any advice for helping my homeless brother with paranoid schizophrenia

My older brother has had a relapse in his paranoid schizophrenia and has become homeless. I have said he can stay at mine but he declines, I’m currently giving him money but that’s all the help he wants from anybody. To an extent I understand what he’s going through because I had my own psychosis episode recently. But what should I do, say/not do or say?

You are there for him, that is huge.

Of course the best thing for him would be to get treatment. Make sure he knows you are there to help him if/when he decides to get it. Research what is available in your area so that you can help him get treatment when he is ready.

Also, just make sure he is safe, and if you feel its necessary, let him know that if you ever think he is doing something that might be harmful to himself or to others, that you would do what is necessary to get him the treatment he needs.


You are a good brother for trying to help. Maybe he might want to go for a drive, or let you take him out for a meal?
If he still doesn’t want to stay with you, maybe he might be okay with coming by for the day to shower and wash clothes?
I know you are worried about him hopefully he’ll let you help him. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry just seeing this response, thank you for the advise Sparrow

Thank you (soz just seeing your reply here) I’ll take on what you’ve said

What state or country do you live in?

Here is a list of “first aid for Psychosis” reading that could be helpful for you and your family:

Can you get him to see a treatment center?

Also - Call your local NAMI and find out what options are available to help your brother:

Are there other family members or friends who can help you help your brother?