Homeless son cannot find safe town to live in

This is my first post…but have read posts for 6 months or more…here are my facts…my son, now 34 has been estranged from our entire family since 2005. We found out he has been homeless since 2009 in Northwest. He made contact on and off over last two years, but not constant. This past March he began communicating that he was being watched by the secret society, cell phone tracked, murder threats everyday, being followed. Three weeks ago he came to the Southeast and after being jailed for public nuisance our family appeared at his court date. No intervention planned, just to SEE him, offer help, and LOVE him. He has now stated that the murder threats have followed him to SC. He was in a Christian shelter, but fled this morning because of the murder threats… My question…as a mom I KNOW I need to stop sending $$$ through western union for him to find a new town with the same threats following him. I need wording, advice, talking about mental illness over emails is not the first approach I want to give. taken the NAMI class, but anyone else have the same situation???

First off when decisions pertain to your family members well being you shouldn’t take ANY ADVICE from anyone that you don’t know personally.

OR from anyone that does’nt have millions of dollars worth of education that you can verify.

  1. It’s going to take a lot more than a brief orientation to wrap one’s mind around what paranoid sz can do. I’d at least start with E. Fuller Torrey’s book at http://www.amazon.com/Surviving-Schizophrenia-6th-Edition-Family/dp/0062268856.

  2. Was he in a Christian shelter for any particular reason? (I ask this because, especially in the Southeast, there are quite a few “shelters” using that label that are anything but.)

  3. I would contact your local county government’s department of public social services for a face-to-face consult to see what services are available in your county.

  4. Does he have a substance abuse history?

  5. You might want to look into Co-Dependents Anonymous for the sake of developing boundary-setting skills if you feel you need them.

They have lots of meth in the northwest and meth causes paranoid delusions.

Im from the farthest northwest and I left because the paranoid delusions that people were having because of that stuff put me off on trying to stay .

Im going through the EXACT same thing ,so I left the drug infested community that I came from and went to a racist infested community.

Let me tell me tell you that I took a big step down.

If you can afford it send him to Denver or Salt Lake from what I gather Denver has a good sz. Thing going on

Have the book, reading the newest version.

The shelter happened to be run by a Christian organization. I was thrilled thinking NOW he will get the help he needs. He just did not stay long enough.

No substance abuse. Read the book CoDependent no more when the kids were teenagers. Should reread it.

Thank you

Good point…every family member has a different opinion…I thought looking at people who really have a schizophrenia person in their family might have something I did not think of.

I see no signs of drug use…