Hospitalization question

My 32 yr old son was diagnosed w/sz two years ago and has never been hospitalized. Also he takes meds off and on. Does this sound common? I don’t understand the diagnosis.

I think if he is willing to work with his doctor and take his meds, he can do well with never going to the hospital.

My son first became ill at 15, and didn’t have his first hospitalization until recently at 27.

If he had been willing to work with his doctor and take his meds, he wouldn’t have had to go then.


Ok, thanks for responding. I think my son needs to be hospitalized because he is getting so paranoid and out of control. But he’s scared to be hospitalized, he says it will be like jail, which he has been in and out of.

My son was scared too, but he did OK while he was in there.
He’s never been to jail, but he said that’s what jail must be like.

Ask him if he’s willing to work with the doctor’s on a med change?
And, maybe see if there’s an intensive outpatient program for him so he can go home at night if you think he’d be more agreeable?

Maybe call your local crisis team and get their advice? Ask them what’s best if you want to avoid the hospital.

If he is still with it enough to understand that he’s sick and the medication will help it, he’s got a chance of doing it outpatient, but if not, being in the hospital is far from the worst thing that could happen to him.

Some of the patients in there appeared to like it good enough, so I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as jail, although not many people want to be there.

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The hospital is way better than jail. And he can leave when he feels better.

I agree to contact a local crisis team and go over what you are observing with their social workers or counselors.

There is a vast range of schizophrenia(s) diagnoses. Effective treatment of distressing symptoms is the biggest concern.

I hope your son feels better.

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I think sometimes my son feels safe at the hospital when his paranoia is bad. He has been there often enough that staff is aware of what bothers him and what helps him. It seems to be constraining, and does have rules, but certainly nothing like jail.

I also thought an outpatient program might be the best option for him.

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