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How do I talk to my mom about life insurance?

She’s schizophrenic, of course. She personally likes horror movies and lots of negative imagery. somehow she feels safe or something. at any rate, she watches those damned forensic files shows, and now she’s paranoid to get life insurance because she thinks someone will kill her for the money. We’re poor. I’m autistic and was in the foster system and no one ever taught me how to be an adult, they just expect me to be. I get $750 a month, and she gets like $1000, from money she put into social security from when she owned her own business and worked her butt off. So when she dies, I’ll have nothing. I won’t be able to show I make 3 times the rent, i’ll not be able to pay my bills, I’ll not be able to arrange much of anything for her memorial or whatever. So i’m realistically paranoid about being homeless and broke, and she’s unrealistically scared of being killed for some massive life insurance payout she’d never qualify for. I feel stuck.

I think you should be able to get from her social security after she dies. Try to talk get a free consultation from a Lawyer.
you qualify for free Legal Aid in your state. you can also get Legal shield membership, they charge $20 per month but will work with you on getting you a free Consultation with an appropriate lawyer ( Trust,will, life insurance, etc.). you can cancel the membership anytime. Google “legal Shield”.
If you have a Power of Attorney over your mother, you can make her sign on life insurance policy. check with Free Legal Aid service.
does your mother owns any real estate? home, land. if yes and you have Power of attorney, then you can sell her properties and get financial help.

you also may be entitle to more than $750.0. Check with Social Security office.

It is reasonable of you to want her to at least have a “burial” policy to cover funeral expenses. If she were to leave you a large policy, unless it was set up properly in a trust, it could disqualify you for your ssi (if you get ssi) until it was spent. I don’t know if you receive Medicaid, but that could cease if you inherit a large amount of cash. I believe in nearly every state they are based on the state’s poverty level.

I agree with the earlier poster. You should receive some extra money from Social Security when she passes. Call SS to see what your options are.

Your mother has a point in her statement, She might be getting full of fear as after having an insurance someone will kill her for money. Do tell her about the benefits her family will get after having an insurance. According to me one should also have a water/fire/ flood damage Glendale insurance done by their trustworthy insurance company. Or if you might be getting afraid of investing in high amount you can even take some helpful hints from Public adjusters.