How do people handle the stress? I have severe anger issues now and don't know how to cope

Welcome to the site @Wederington034985 and thank you for your long post. I quoted the part of your post above because I think it is so important to let others know that in some cases they MUST involve the police and medical community through forced holds to get anywhere with helping their loved one. I hope you stay strong to get your brother the care he needs, even if it comes via police, courts, jail and forced mental holds. It is especially important as he is violent at times.

Wow, you are quite some caregiver in my opinion, quitting college to help your parents, researching and documenting your brother’s illness, taking care of yourself and knowing what you want from life while at the same time being very concerned for others. Your last paragraph in the long original post you made touched my soul. I wish you the best in all of your journeys.