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How do you pay to support your loved one?


Great info…thank you!!


I know it’s very hard, my son was hospitalized 3 Times, after that I applied for disability for him. He wS approved fairly quickly in Illinois. Now I am in the process of talking with a attorney to set up a account for him after Im gone, I am all he has since he is very difficult to deal with. I’m doing this to protect his benefits. Wishing you good luck


My daughter got online and filed for my grandson. When the papers came she just told him what they were and that without that income she might have to sell her house and they would have no where to go. He signed. She had a harder time getting him to talk to the worker who called to verify the information. That took several times before he would talk then he said he had no idea where he was born. I feel so badly for the young man but my daughter found a nice worker who talked him through it and all is well now. Don’t stop trying. There are plenty of helpful people along the way. You can always call SS and ask them what you can do. My daughter didn’t go through an attorney. She just does things that will help him and if she hits an obstacle she asks whoever is trying to stop them, what to do. Good luck.


Yay, yay, yay for your grandson taking meds and being back to work. Two jobs, wow! I am happy for your miracle!