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How long does it take for risperdal to take away in and out fluctuating psychosis

Shes going to the mental hospital today. Shes asking for the risperdal consta shot. They only keep you up to 10 days. So can she be better in 10 days?

My son’s p-doc said that some patients can have a good deal of relief from their symptoms right away with long lasting injectables. If it works for her I hope she will continue to take it.

The psychosis with schizophrenia often “fluctuates” or “cycles” that is the nature of the disorder. Even on meds there will often be fluctuation.

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@hope So even on medicine the psychosis can return?? Does that mean that medicine doesn’t work? Can someone with SZA be truly symptom free?

@Feelingalone - some of our family members are on meds that rid them of psychosis, other family members find the psychosis to be “quieter”. Results do vary and some family members take more than one med to get better results. Some can be symptom free, others aren’t and some are totally “med resistant”. hope

Hi my son is on the risperidone injection. He finds it really good for reducing the voices he hears. When he was put on it in hospital but they also gave him some in tablet form to take until the injection was fully in his system. It did take i woul say about 3 months for ir to really work.


While possible to be symptom-free (I’ve been symptom-free for four or five years), I question whether it’s desirable.

If you are symptom-free it’s far too tempting to cease medication even if you have insight and inevitably relapse. Better have mild symptoms than none at all-- it motivates continuing medication.


It is the lowest form of psychosis meds.

What do you mean by this? Is respirdol the weakest antipsychotic?