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How long have you been on this journey?


This started on 4/13/2018.
With Hyper Religion. Had a episode and was taking to hospital and than taking to a behavioral center for a week , cannabis was found in system my son 23 and an awesome young man . Just these month actually a month deep in this, and with medication he doing better, but still in denial that nothing is wrong. I’m coping day by day. So hard , but I will never leave his side. He started to go out with brother cause he wanted to go dancing, so all looks like it’s well, but I see a different son like he doubts his actions, but always tell him not fear to make a mistake.
We even thought nothing was wrong after first episode but i realized he needed to take meds, and so far doing well but I’ve noticed heat really effect him. I want to be apart of this forum not that well at writing so sorry for not writing complete sentences


Hello Dadlove. Welcome.

Things can change and develop in so many ways over time, so try to keep a very watchful eye on your son, and do everything in your power to keep him on anti-psychotic meds. Learn everything you can about psychosis and how it can look in different people. Knowledge will help you all.


Dadlove, welcome to the forum and I am sorry that your son has an illness that has brought you here. Your son’s psychosis is new so you have a 25% chance, if you can keep him medicated, that he will totally recover.

I know that I could see my son was different from before.

The symptom, anosognosia, causes his denial of his illness. He is not denying it, he can’t see it.

Like@Linda said above, Dr Amador’s book shows us how to communicate initially with someone who is suffering from “lack of awareness or insight”.

If we tell them they are sick and things aren’t real, it can make them afraid of us.

Best wishes, Hope


Great book must read also watch his beyond the glass ceiling on you tube takes 30 minutez