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How to find our Dear one when she disappears

She is leaving the house without telling where , unfortunatelly this time without her phone …
Where would you find refuge when you would just leave ? Where can we find our where she is? Thank you for any answer

Follow social media posts, if you don’t have access ask friends to monitor. File a Missing Person Report with the police. Call friends and family and tell them of your concerns in case she contacts them. You could go to shelters but they will not tell you if she’s there however you can make a flyer and leave it with them. If she is missing for a lot longer make a website so that someone wanting to help can find you through the internet. Call local hospitals. And file missing person report with Then a Private Detective if nothing else works.


This much depends in what kind of person she is. Based on my experience with my son, they go to places they know, Iike close to the high school where they went, parks, libraries If she is not on street drugs she may prefer quite, isolated places. Under bridges to sleep. If she has a bank card and recieves monthly statements at your address you see where she is shopping. Also health insurance, if she is in yours. A friend of mine found her daughter from the health insurance statements showing activity in St Louis MO. If you know what city she is you can contact homeless orgs and give them info about her to do outreach. Hope you find her.