Huffpost - Students Use E-Cigarettes To Smoke Marijuana.. While At School

Leave it to teenagers to figure this one out.

Edmonton’s Public and Catholic school boards are cracking down on e-cigarettes after they discovered five incidents in the past two weeks where students were using the devices to smoke marijuana.

And despite the amount of students getting caught, it’s not so easy to detect, say police. Students replace the “juice” in the e-cigarettes with marijuana oil — a process which essentially eliminates the odour of the drug.

According to The Edmonton Sun, marijuana oil can contain a THC level as high as 90 per cent — compared to the 10 to 20 per cent THC levels typically found in rolled joints.

Wow, that is clever, and sad at the same time.

Scary… My son has a vaporizer and I could so see him doing this and smoking it in front of me. One more thing to watch for :frowning:

Good grief, what else will they think of. When my son finally comes home and if he starts purchasing E-cigarettes I’ll be on it. Thanks for posting this.

Sorry to be off topic, but how is your son doing? Any word yet?

Thanks for asking James. I think he is trying to keep a level head as much as he can, even though he is not level all, in the hospital setting. He is trying every angle he can think of to talk me into coming to get him. And blaming me for putting him there.

I keep telling him that I was not the one who put him there, it was out of my control. The Crisis Team run by the State committed him. I explained to him that if he had just considered my verbal concerns to him, along with several lengthy texts, and emails leading up to this over the past several months, he probably would not have ended up there.

According to son, some are ganging up on him and making fun of him because of his attire (skinny jeans). He says the nurses are rude, the doctors are rude and social worker is rude. He says he doesn’t think he is going to make it through if we don’t get him out. The one good thing is that he says his roommate is a sweet guy and easy to get along with. When he left here he was psychotic and delusional so I know a lot of this is his perception and I expected this reaction.

We all are just majorly annoyed he still has not received his depot injection yet, he has been there since Thursday, grrr.

We are scheduled for a family meeting this Monday at the hospital. I hope it goes well.

LOL when I was a senior and psychotic in high school, I vaporized weed in the bathroom with my drug buddy. He’s still my buddy but im clean and hes very not. He was passed out at my friends house when my cousin and I came over yesterday. He came to and smoked more weed. Dumbass.

But he’s a programming wiz and already has a paid internship at a very reputable international company this summer. He wont listen, he just keeps up the deviant lifestyle. He’s still my friend, we’ve been there for each other, but when he gets really messed up and argues we all just roll our eyes and think its funny.