I am stationed overseas and need to help my mother while I’m gone

My mother is diagnosed with schizophrenia and is in need of help. I am currently stationed overseas for the next 3 years and I am unable to be there for her with her illness. She has recently gotten evicted from her house and now she is living with another family member. The family member that my mother is staying with is very old and she cannot do very much for my mother. If I was living in the U.S. I would help my mother but it’s just not possible.

Is there any agency that can help me with getting my mother into a facility or some type of home-aid?

Hi I’m Elizabeth what state do you live in

Hello, my mom lives in Ohio

Does your mom receive ssdi or ssi?

The last I heard she has SSI

Start with the county judge where your mom resides. If your mother is unable to take care of herself, since she has a diagnosis and ssi, she may qualify to live in a nursing home. Medicaid would pay for the nursing home.

State laws vary, the state of Ohio may need to be named as her guardian. Hopefully your county judge’s office can walk you through what is needed. You may end up chasing around on the phone a bit to get the information.