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What is Schizophrenia? How it affects men? I met a very nice man and I like him a lot. He said after a long while of talking online that he has Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I am wondering how to act around him now, what to say. He is very attached to me, but cannot get close for some reason and I want to have another child. What should I do? Push him or let go, because of this. I can say I love him, then this thing can be stronger than me. Thank you

Be Yourself … ,

Talk About How You Feel … ,

and For Starters Don’t Get Too “deep” … ,

Schizophrenics Get Scared Of Being Pushed Into A Corner … ,

Jus Lyke Everybody Else .

My girlfriend has been diagnosed with this illness has been very hard.She is now encarserated due to a mental breakdown and a near fatal car wreck.Not all people with this illness are the same but the last thing you need to think of is bringing a child into this relationship.It is impossible to foresee what your future may bring with a person who has schizophrenia and a child may be the one who most suffers from rushing things.You should take a lot of time with this person to see how things develope

“He is very attached to me, but cannot get close for some reason”

In what way(s) does he not get close? How would he need to behave for you to feel closer to him?

We tried to set a few dates, and every time he didn’t show up. I am thinking may be he cannot see me, because of this thing, may be something he can’t control and having me in his life, like this, is not even good for him. I want to have a child, husband, but without forcing of course. May be everything we try, it’s not possible to have more than online talk. What is the future for men with this, what can make them feel better, secure. Who are they?

Repeatedly standing you up, no matter the reason, is inconsiderate and unfair. Don’t hang on out of pity for him/his illness, or because you believe that his behaviour will improve.

You seem to know what you want from life, so it’s best to move on now before getting too invested in him. Surely you can do better.

Thank you, I am still sad, because he has done a lot for me as for a person, and I don’t want let him go like this. After he told me about it, I read a lot to understand and I am thinking may be its impossible to have normal relationship like a couple together…