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I’m so sad.. feeling hopeless and helpless

I’m feeling hopeless today, my daughter has no motivation, walks with her head down, hands clasped tightly together, haunted look with no conversation, answers yes & no only, her only conversation is talking about not having any privacy, being watched, laughed at, spoken about… being around her is just so draining and is breaking my own spirt.
I’m feeling so despondent tearful and helpless day in day out.
9… 150mg Haloperidol depot injections fortnightly and little improvement, if this is as good as it gets, I can see myself going to an early grave.
The only reason she begrudgingly accepts the depot is because the Psychiatrist has said she’ll have no alternative but to have her admitted to a MH facility which she is afraid of.
I’m so sad for her, the life she is living amounts to nothing, my heart just breaks for her
Have been on this dreadful journey with this vile disease since early 2017.

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I am so sorry. I hope they will find her a more effective medication. Hang in there and hopefully you can find things you can do for yourself to keep going.

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Thankyou @Hummingbird

I’m sorry. Don’t give up hope!
My totally unprofessional medical opinion is that she may be over medicated. Can you talk to her psychiatrist about it?


It is so painful to see our beloved children in such states. I still well remember the feeling that my head would soon explode from the stress when my son was doing poorly.

Will she allow touch? Brief hand touches and pats and rubs to the back can be comforting for both of you. Simple expressions of empathy were sometimes small bright spots for both of us.

My son also benefited from aromatherapy, and I still sometimes turn on a diffuser if I sense he is having a difficult day.


@Jan Thankyou, Haloperidol medication has slowly increased over the past 8 months to the current depot of 150mg, voices have never eased.
She now has a (Parkinson’s like) constant tremble in the hands.

@Vallpen Thankyou for reaching out, like you, we do use a diffuser daily with beautiful oils and have done for the past 2 years, i hold her hand and show empathy using Dr Amador’s words, I’ll start rubbing her back as you kindly suggested, her days remain the same with distressing beliefs. :frowning:

Since your daughter will accept treatment, then discuss trying Clozapine with her doctor. After nothing else gave lasting results, it has changed our lives for the better.


Unfortunately Clozapine is not an option, our daughter has epilepsy, Clozapine increases the risk of more seizures, Dr is cautious and feels the risk is too dangerous, I have read so many great results for Clozapine, it a disappointing, so pleased it is a positive for your son Vallpen.

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Oh, that is so frustrating!!! I’m sorry.

Thanks for your kind replies Vallpen.
It sure helps knowing I can chat on here to you kind people without any judgement.

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I am so sorry, @Maggie46. How sad for you and your daughter. I’ll be thinking about your both.


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I’m a schizophrenic effectively in remission now, after taking Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals for little over 2 months. My condition is good enough now for me to concentrate on training videos for 30 minutes at a time, with 10 minute breaks in between. This is good enough to learn how to do Python programming.

Before the regimen, my headache was too bad for me to concentrate on anything technical for too long, but now I feel like 75% normal, and the head pressure is much much more manageable. My voices are super quiet now, and I don’t fight with them.

This bipolar lady was able to taper off of her antipsychotics completely after a few months of taking it, even. She claims she feels even better now than before her diagnosis, her mood is more stable.


@Itsastruggle your name resonates well with our situation, Thankyou, we are all on a sad journey it’s comforting knowing like minded family here understand what we are going through.

@naturallycured how good your situation has improved with being naturally cured.
Our daughter sees an holistic physiologist who has had her on numerous vitamins for over 12mths, she has an excellent diet ( always has), I am yet to see any changes in her delusional thoughts and fears.
I’ll check out your recommendations, thankyou.

The main difference between these vitamins and the kind offered by pretty much anyone else is that these are the organic, plant forms of the vitamins and minerals, which are a lot more bioavailable but take up more room than the inorganic, rock form of the vitamins that are much cheaper to produce.

The difference in dose is like 12 capsules a day versus 1 for the rock form.

This will tell you in depth the difference between those two vitamin forms:

@naturallycured we purchase the vitamins from the holistic psychologists, it seems the organic vitamins prescribed are only avail from authorised professionals in Aust.
If you don’t mind I’ll also share the video with the psychologist, next appointment.

I bought mine from There’s a discount code CFMDiscounts that reduces the price by 15%.

I’ve been taking a multivitamin for months before that, and there were negligible benefits.

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Is it a psychologist or physiologist? I’m assuming autocorrect is in play here.

How’s her insight? My success was largely thanks to Jungian Analysis. Not for everyone I’m sure, but supportive talk therapy and CBT can be helpful for some.

Oh @Maggie46 , my heart goes out to you and your daughter, your struggles have been so great for so little good result as of yet. I can only hope along with you that something relieves her illness so you are both more at peace.


No insight @Maggotbrane, anosognosia everything is real to her, yes a typo… grrr she sees an holistic psychologist as well as a psychiatrist