Inexplicable confusion - My Eating Disorder Journey


Okay, so, I never spoke about it here yet, but I was thinking—since it’s a bit more than a year anniversary for me—I should make a post regarding my eating disorder. I’ve written a few things on this topic before (which I may add in a link or something after), but never here, on this blog. I don’t really know how to start, so I guess I’ll just jump in and give you the story…

Feb 1-7 is Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

This made me cry. Hit’s very close to home. This poor girl. I’m glad she got help. I could completely relate with her confusion and reluctance to leave the hospital.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention… I had no idea there was an awareness week.

My sis is doing better… but she’s still working hard… progress is slow… and once in a while… a set back. But she’s maintaining a more healthy weight.

I really wish awareness dates could be world wide… Feb 1-7 is here in Canada. Feb 22-28 seems to be for the US :smile: