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Is there a symptom that we should Not share or discuss here out of embarrassment?

Please do not read below if you feel that not all symptoms should be discussed here as it is a sensitive topic.

Afflicted one uses her menstrual pads to urinate in. I read somewhere that there is an association between schizophrenia and urinary incontinence…

Anyone knows anything about this?

My daughter has had a vaginal infection for years, even before the delusions became apparent. She will not see a doctor or let me help her in any way with this. She wears pads daily. I have wondered if the infection contributed to her onset. Her room is next to our hallway bathroom, and she uses it many times a day. The rest of the family stopped using that bathroom as now it is “hers” and she will rant if anyone else goes in there. Each hospitalization I brought it up to the doctors, but I have no idea if they ever did anything about it.

Thank you so much for replying, I was freaking out… I am sorry…

Oh don’t apologize. No need. Hygiene and self care are issues with this illness. Better to discuss than to wonder…

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I don’t know if it’s OK to share certain details or not, but I’ve had one that bothers me and the fact that we are all anonymous here it should be fine. My daughter will drink her own urine and doesn’t seem embarrassed at all. I’ve wondered if anyone else has encountered this. Is your daughter able to urinate in the toilet? I don’t know what age she is, but I’ve had leakage problems early on in life. If she does all her urination in the pads, why does she say she does it? It could be a delusion she has about urination.

Is it because she prefers to do this rather than come out of her room to use the bathroom?

Maybe… I don’t know, she went through a lot and I read this could be due to stress…

My daughter is 34, has been living with me since 32, and has been obviously ill since 31. She won’t talk of the “discharge” she has much (maybe twice in 3 years).Perhaps it is leakage. I have that problem myself at times. She does use the bathroom regularly for showers/baths/toileting, which is a positive I am grateful for. She even yells at us from inside her bedroom through the door if we use that bathroom and she doesn’t hear us wash our hands afterwards.

I have heard of someone drinking their own urine, vaguely, and at the time I was told it wasn’t harmful as urine is sterile. A separate time, someone told me there is a health benefit to it but I have never otherwise had it come up in conversation. It would disturb me if I thought my daughter was doing it. I am sorry you know that it is a problem with your daughter.