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Just a sad story I wanted to share - "My Brother Tom's Schizophrenia" - New Yorker Mag

This was so well-written and so heart-breaking.

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Thank you for sharing this story, however sad it is. It reminds me that there are other families out there who have had a homeless family member and how difficult it is for everyone. :heartbeat:

Anyone else on the forum with a homeless family member, feel free to add your story. I’ve been posting about my husband for a while, now.

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@LifeIsHard, I knew you could relate to this so well. The part that really got me was where the sister was shoving money @ him, knowing he’d be on the streets, and his hesitancy in taking the money, not out of pride or decency, but because of his lack of insight that’s he’d eventually need the money. The saddest part for me while reading this, I felt a sense of innocence from the brother the whole time. Opposite of calculating and manipulating. I know there are sz people out there who are manipulating and cunning, but I felt nothing but empathy and understanding for him from beginning to end.

Hope things can somehow improve for you & your husbands situation.

Well written sounds like a story we can all tell. Until you are faced with this illness you never really understand. I didn’t. Sorry for Tom and any family going through this horrible disease. My grandson lives with me. I can’t kick him out for fear he would be homeless and lost. I feel like a lucky one though because the medication Clozaril brought him back to us. He is working and has a life. I pray his medication continues to work for the rest of his life without problems.