Just got my best friend into involuntary treatment

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Give it some time and hopefully he will start taking the medications. Insight is tricky. My son has some but not a lot. He will take the medications that he doesn’t mind not because he thinks he needs them but because they help him with anxiety and sleep.

I so feel for you! I’m at the point of having to admit my son and it breaks my heart. My son also refuses medication and believes there’s nothing wrong with him. This will be his second admission in twelve months. I’d also like to know if they ever get insight? I wish I could somehow make him see…
I hope you can get some support for yourself. It’s important! It’s not easy loving a mentally ill person.

One time I heard this person describe a situation as - “He’s not on the beam and he doesn’t know he’s not on the beam because he is not on the beam”. That could apply to a lot of us when we have to be involuntarily committed. When I was going in it seemed like I was the reasonable person, and everyone else was crazy. Hopefully your friend will gain insight. Dealing with sz takes huge amounts of patience.

Ain’t that the truth!