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On May 31st, 2020, in Cleveland, OH my little brother Andrew Langford was carelessly shot and murdered in front of our fathers house. Andrew was 23 years old and suffered from Schizophrenia (diagnosed in 2016). Andrew, excited to go on a trip to California and enjoy his summer break before returning to college in the fall, attempted to sell his 2008 Suzuki motorcycle to the two suspects (that are being handed down a slap on the wrist for killing my baby brother).
My family and I are doing everything that we can to not only share Andrews story, but we are willing to do everything it takes to get Andrew justice for his murder. If you or anyone that you know has any resources or anything to offer, PLEASE DO. I appreciate you all listening to Andrews story and helping however and whenever you can. Thanks!



Oh, NO! I’m so sorry! This is my biggest fear with my son, period! We have a conversation daily about when the cops stop you for odd behavior, ask for the MET/PET team asap so they know you have a mental illness. I just bought him a beautiful medical necklace (non professionals don’t know that it’s a medical symbol) with his name, diagnosis and emergency numbers and told him to use it anytime anyone needs further explanation regarding his ‘off-ness’. Last time we had an elevated incident I had to direct the cops every action (thank God they listened to me - this time) and beg them not to accidentally shoot my son. It’s really a pathetic scene, but we all live to tell about it. How bad do we need mobile crises units? SO badly! He’s only 20, sigh! I hope #defundingthepolice works for all of our sakes. I will say a special prayer for Bubs and I’m sending you all of my Xo :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: Please stay strong!

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I really wish that I could be of some assistance!

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I am so sorry for your loss, so tragic and heartbreaking .I would start with a criminal lawyer . I don’t know exactly how this happened so it’s hard to comment . Were there any cameras at the scene ? witnesses ? If lawyers are expensive then you can do a funding on facebook for Andrew and that may help .