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Long Term Residential Question

Can anyone provide me with some guidance on how to locate a Long Term Residential facility for my son? He is 21 with SZ and violent tendencies. He has never been truly stable as we have never found an effective medication suite for him.

Hi, I wanted to suggest you to get the DNA test. It is a cotton swab on tongue, takes a second. It narrows down medications, and says which ones are good for you, bad for you or nuetral. Everyone can do it. It was free on his free medicaid. Prior my son was violent tried to kill me 3 times. Chased with knife, strangled, and hit with golf club. My nose is a bit tweeked, and hands now hurt, since he grabbed them. He was stronger than me, and it was around his 21st. He is now 25. He got SZ at 16. I have not given up. Luckily the DNA test, just done a year ago, got him on right meds. Prior the meds were apparently, not even nuetral but BAD for him. So they didnt work. 9 hopsitalizations, jail, and lots of other stuff… He always had ad nutrition too. thin, picky… He has not had any violence, or psychosis since new meds. He is very sweet mostly. He just got a job at a store, stocking and pricing.
Please try the DNA, and get better meds. I was going to try Inveega sustena, but he is now on Oxcabazene, trintillex, and olanzapene. Medication is first key…would be nice to have local groups to have like minded kids get together to have some friends… I dont know of any homes…I had checked and there were some homes in UTAH, and Idaho that I heard were good. Someone I know took there son all around the country looking for the right home. Im not there yet to do that, but maybe someday it would be better if he was with other guys at a home for friendship. I even though maybe I have to do that and be the home. It is a bit of a stigma to say you are living with your mom as you get older. With Covid, it has made it seem not as wierd right now, and my son looks about 17.

C11 what kind of DNA test are you talking about can you give me more info on it please. My daughter is having issues finding the right medication and doctors don’t want to listen to her and don’t seem to care about the side effects. She is on Inveega sustena. She has problems focusing with her eye. And very slow thinking. It isn’t helping with the voices at all and she needs to be on depression meds because the Inveega make her very depressed. Thank you

Hi, I went to a psych office called Aspire therapuetic solutions in Pahrump Nevada. They were one of the few that recommended and knew what the DNA test is. It is just a cotton swab stick they put under your tongue for a second and they send to a lab. The test then tells which medications one can take, which is good for you, bad for you or nuetral. My sons results said he could take 200 of 2000 medications, and it lists out medications, and lets you know how your body synthsizes them. We found out that the ones he had were bad for him, and that he synthesizes slow, so he takes a smaller dose 2 times a day. I would ask different psych and councelors. The other one we went to didnt know about it. I think it is just called DNA to determine what medications. My son also had eye issues but he had tourettes…eyes blinking for over a year, they said would be tourettes. My son now is able to think, but prior, was so out of it, and couldnt think and was mentally absent, and paranoid. YOu could try to call the Aspire solutions and ask the receptionist about it. They could give further information, and guidance. They have an answer machine if not there or busy. The councelor we saw was named Sharon. She was great, she had to come and help me chase my son and we got it done at a walgreens parking lot. It took a bit to get results back.

C11, Thank you so much for answering so quickly, I live in Iowa but I will definitely give them a call, wow 200 of 2000 is awesome really. I had no idea there were so many. I told my daughter about this and she is definitely interested. I have to admit I didn’t want to tell her about this site because she does not feel she has sz, but I assured her it is confidential and no names and its just for me to talk to people and she was okay about it especially since I am learning thing while doing it.

Thank you Zannah you are awesome.

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Im glad I can help, it is so hard to always deal with and sad. Same with my son…plus they need more resources to get them together with like people.

My 50-year-old son is in a group home after being hospitalized several times and the to a “step-down” type rehab unit.

He is very angry about his situation and routinely lets me know. He is in complete denial about SZ, his behavior (aka anosognosia).

I have not had permission to contact his mental health team.

You have to have a mental health professional assess and refer him.

Good Luck! Be safe, always.

from Vermont, USA

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