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Marriage to person with schizophrenia

It might sounds crazy, but I love my boyfriend, he has schizophrenia. How to make him marry me, can he really seriously decide and make this step. What he can be afraid of or what can stop him, what can help in making this decision.

This is the guy that stands you up every time you set up a date, right?

Ok, have fun with that.

This why I said it might sounds crazy, thank you so much

You’re welcome: I actually do hope that it helps. I know how crappy delusional desires can be, trust me; it’s best not to play along with them. You can wind up wasting years of your life.

I try, every day I think about him, really do my best, but lately I think, may be there is no chance, not because of him, but the illness. Like one side of me encouraging for the best and another is giving up. Thank you

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If this is the same person whose schizophrenia you feel like you might be able to cure, I really suggest you rethink. I worry that you have unrealistic ideas of what schizophrenia is and what married life would be like to him.

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Run away as fast as you can.

A few people thought that they could fix me, too, and I know that I messed at least two of them up quite badly in return.

I couldn’t see far enough beyond my own needs and paranoias to really care about their feelings. I have a lot of guilt about that now, but I still don’t want a significant other who desires to ‘repair’ me.

Don’t fall into saviour-mode. You will get burned and you will regret it.

I was already married and had kids before I got really ill. When I get psychotic I can’t see what is happening around me. I get paranoid thoughts about my husband plotting to kill me.

It’s not easy to live with one of us. But if you can drop the thought of raising kids togeather, doing all chores at home, taking care of your husband when psychosis strikes him, go ahead and marry him.

Have you lived togeather yet? Have you seen his function level? All people with sz function on different levels in different times. Have you seen him psychotic?

My husband feels neglected and abused when I get psychotic. Because in psychosis there is only me. Me. And me. Everyone else is a threat. I have hurt his feelings while psychotic. But he still stands there and won’t give up on me.

I’m still married. We have been a couple for 17 years, I’ve been ill for 6 years. Sometimes I think he refuses to see my illness. Tries to build a “happy fortress” around us. But I can’t feel happiness or joy. I have anhedonia.

I take my meds for my children. Without meds I become catatonic. I lie in bed and can’t move. Everything is so overwhelming so I shut down completely. With meds you can talk to me.

Thank you so much for your advices. My father had private practice as a doctor, I was helping him from school years and I seen everything and most of all very successful cases, few people wishes never see us again, few thought we were crazy, but they are okay ever since, and it’s many years. May be this why I don’t give up easily. Good luck to all of you

i’m the one in my relationship with schizoaffective disorder. We aren’t married though for the longest time we weren’t allowed to be married because we are a same sex couple. My parents and my in laws are against us getting married. My mother believes i’m mentally incompetent and i should be locked up.

My in laws believe we shouldn’t get married because of their beliefs. So i’m in a very different boat but i know this: you can’t force someone to marry you and you can’t cure their illness.