My 12 year old has been diagnosed with schizophrenia

I really show my son a lot of support but this mental illness is new to me and I feel alone because its not easy!!!

thought i would say hi.
the fact that you love your son is a beautiful thing.
the fact that you love him enough to find a site like this, to understand it more, ’ the illness-sz ', i bow to you in respect. :heart:
take care :alien:

Hello Shawanda,

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Now Tha Med’s Is A Different Story ,


So Don’t Think Tha More Med’s If Any Is Good ,

Be Cool and Realize Med’s Can Cause Harm ,

But Tha Doctors Are Doing Their best ,

So Learn To Chill ,


I recommend you learn as much as you can, and work hard to get your son the best possible treatment.

12 years old is very young for a diagnosis of schizophrenia. That is very rare at that age. I recommend you get another evaluation by an acadeically’s associated center - like these early psychosis treatment centers listed in this message here:

Here is another good book I’d recommend:

My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed 3 months ago. Feeling really alone. No one to talk to. She has a " DARK ANGEL ’ sitting on her shoulders controlling her . She is so sad and scared. Says she has no friends. I want to help her so bad but don’t know what to do !!

Does she get any treatment or medication?

8 years is very young. My son has autism. People with autism can have hallucinations, like voices, when they are under stress. He says he hears voices. But I belive the voices are because of stress. He has heared them for many years. He is soon 14 years old. He heared class mates and family talking when he was that young. He could be very angry because he heared me say things that he answered to but I did not answer back to him.

Child psychiatrist we’ve met say it’s autism. Not saying your child has autism, but it can be good to keep in mind if autistic traits appear. My son becomes more and more autistic the older he gets. He was very hyper as a child and the hyper is gone now.

Wow… I’m sorry that happened to you. 8… that is young…

please don’t take this badly… but a little piece of me wishes my docs didn’t wait until I was 17 to diagnose me.

I was out of my head with a host of problems by the time I was 7- 8- and 9. I was lucky that by 10 I was getting much more positive input coming in… but I was still seeing things that weren’t there and hearing things that weren’t there.

But I just think of all the time I lost while the docs hummed and hawed and didn’t want to put that label on me so young… all the time and money my parents went through while doctors diagnosed me with so many other things because they didn’t want to say Sz.

Sometimes I wonder… If I was put on a good med regiment when I was young… and knew what was happening to me when I was young… would I have been able to graduate high school with my friends? would I have been on the right track to healing sooner? Not just now at 30 getting through the fog and mental chaos? I’m 30 and just NOW being able to go back to school. I do get a bit sad when I think of the time I lost and how far behind in life I feel.

Maybe a lot of self inflicted pain could have been avoided for me if the docs would have just said… “Yes… it’s Sz…”

Since your a caregiver… I’d say … try

This site has a LOT of caregiver support and tips and references. They are all across the nation and there seems to be a branch in almost ever city.

Welcome to this site too… I hope you get a lot of ideas and answers.

I’m wishing good luck to your entire family.

Had her tested for autism. Doesn’t have. She was put on Prozac in Dec. for depression. She had a episode in Jan. where she was screaming she was going to rip her favorite baby’s head off. If she didn’t “HE” would kill her !!! I didn’t know what she was talking about. I had to call her grandmother to come remove the doll from the house. I weaned her off the Prozac. She has had 2 EEG’s. She blamed me because “HE” didn’t want the medicine. It’s been a roller-coaster ever since.They are now throwing the word paranoid into the mix. It’s hard getting her to go outside now and school is horrible. She is in second grade.

Have you checked sideeffects from prozac? SSRI can sometimes make bipolar persons manic and psychotic. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I started hearing voices and was paranoid when I was 15. Isolated myself because the devil told me I was worthles and should die. He wanted me to kill myself. He also wanted me to kill my father. But I could not talk to anyone about it. I became depressed. I’m happy you are there for your child. I wish I could have trusted someone with my thoughts.

if she knows without doubt that you love her, and she has a safe place to fall, trust, is the most important thing…that is the most amazing thing you can do for your daughter.
there is nothing to be scared of…i know i have been doing it long enough since i was a kid.
the dark angel cannot control her…it is rubbish…
it is important that she knows the difference between good and bad.
as sz we ( should ) ignore the ’ bad '…
it is important that you encourage her to have friendships with others…it is not good for a sz to be left by them selves to think to much…
encourage her to go for walks in nature…and to have hobbies.
hope this helps a bit.
take care :alien: