My boyfriend has been off his Meds & pushing me away

My boyfriend has been off his Meds for a month. And now he’s calling me annoying, pushing me away, telling me to leave him alone… telling me im too needy & clingy. Why is he acting this way towards me? What can I do? Is this my fault?

he may just be unhappy at the moment.
normal guys do this…who are ’ not ’ mentally ill.
not taking his meds may not have anything to do with it !?!

question…why did the chicken cross the road ? :chicken:
wrong answer…because he did not take his meds !

right answer…because he likes telling bad jokes.

take care :alien:

If he’s not taking his med’s things could get worse. Protect yourself emotionally. Brace yourself. Try to understand that it is his illness talking and not him.

I can’t say for sure if it’s the sz, and men are cave-dwellers at times, but I am female and unmedicated sz. I am a terrible wife sometimes and that’s just the truth. I am extremey sensitive and also paranoid. I love my husband deeply, but he does annoy me when I feel sensitive and would rather be alone. Sometimes I don’t believe he loves me and sometimes I’m sure he’s cheating. I push him away reguarly when it’s not what I want to do. I just can’t handle being with him at times. I can’t tell you what to do, but I jnow that I love my husband dearly and never mean to push him away. Can you let him know that you’re there for him, but you’re willing to give him space. Encourage him to start his meds again. Maybe remind him that things were better when he was on meds. And then be willing to walk away.

I wouldn’t do anything big (get married, break up, and sure as heck not have a kid) until he gets back on his meds. I’ve had problems with my fiancee, C, at different points in our relationship because of the type of meds I had been on at that point. I can’t imagine what’s going on in his head head.

But yeah, like @crimby said. Brace yourself. All the stories I’ve seen of people getting off (I’m not talking about the people who are already off, I mean the people who have family members come on here about their loved one getting off the meds) it’s not pretty. Be prepared for a veritable shit storm.

And when things get too much (I’m not saying the necessarily will) be prepared to back off. If he decides you’re cheating on him (that’s a big delusion here, for all of us I think) or he just doesn’t want to be with you any more let him go but make sure he knows you’ll be there for him when/if he chooses to come back. The tighter you try to hold on the harder he will try to push away.