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My partner just got on a small dose of abilify

This has been a game changer for us!
We are very happy at the moment .
We will attempt to get therapy going and attempt to get all the coping skills someone with autism would benefit from
Like social therapy and behavioral therapy as well.
At this point we can say things are completely stable for the time being
We just have to address the more physical issues like neuropathy .
We are happy at this level for now
perhaps We will be considering switching over to a low side effect profile medication in the future. since new meds are coming out.


Glad to hear things are stable for you and your partner right now. I was just thinking of you the other day wondering how things were going.

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Yes it’s been stable !
We don’t go through the traditional psychosis per say
We mainly deal with heavy hitting depression
Some sort of delusions that are not abnormal but effects our lives
And moods all over the place
Also adhd symptoms
And ocd !
High levels of stress
So abilify has been extremely effective in addressing all of these!
A small dose of abilify
And taking the alternative approach to strengthen Her mental health and manage her autism symptoms!

How have you been! @oldladyblue

Things are good with my family right now. My daughter is stable and is continuing on her anti-psychotic shot monthly. We are both working on finding the right exercise and diet as we are both overweight now (she used to be skinny). We have added various supplements to both of our diets, and I think they are also helping, especially with daily stress levels. Thank you for asking :slight_smile:

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How long did it take to see improvement

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What shot? 1525235666

Hi @Rush2010 . My daughter was on several different medicines that had very little success. Zyprexa had some slight success. But the Haldol dec shot is what broke her psychosis and made steady improvement to where she is now. Within 2 months the change was very evident and kept improving.

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She actually did bad on the medication 3 weeks later and we got on resperidone!
Living a pretty stable life these days :slight_smile:
I’m pretty happy about the mood improvements
Right now the biggest issue is dealing with the side effects of the meds
Which is Dystonia some neurological issues
And neuropathy
Has anyone have any advice on helping neuropathy?
Hello everybody
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted :slight_smile:
Lockdown has been tough on my loved one…
She doesn’t know how to be bored

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