My Son Asks Please Don't Abandon Me

Its too bad the nurse was so discouraging. It was finally a nurse who convinced me to go ahead and pursue guardianship.

Is your son on meds, and followed by a psychiatrist?
Has he had several hospitalizations with repeated med-noncompliance?
Has he been evicted from multiple places or been threatened with eviction?
Is he able to shop for himself (sounds like you have to take him)?
When he is ill, does he put himself or others in danger? That is a tricky one, you have to make sure you can word things in a way to show that.
Since he is on SSI, it seems he is considered disabled, and unable to work.

Even if your son does not allow the doctor to talk with you, you can still speak with the doctor, and generally they will give some sense of how things stand - I found that support of guardianship from his doctor was absolutely the most important thing for getting guardianship.

And of course, if your son is cooperative, and agrees to guardianship, it would be much simpler.

Well the problem is he is taking his meds. He states he is taking meds. The clinic stated that he was put on shots because they did not feel he was compliant taking the meds due to his delusions. I do not think the delusions ever gone away. He has a new mattress that he can not use any more because he laid in one spot and now there is a body hole where he just curled up and stayed. He refuses to use mattress pad and sheets and laid naked on a brand new mattress. When it shows age he demands a new one. I cleaned his sofa the last time he was in for 2 weeks with baking soda. He was laying on brushed swede naked… I could not believe the smell. My son states he will not allow that sofa to stay in there. He states I ruined it by cleaning it and taking the smell away. I think he is seeing things that are not there.