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My son has entered state mental health hosptial

I am so confused sad angry hurt the list goes on. How can I help him ? I visited him at the hospital before he was sent by Court order he was doing just OK . To top it off he had been using Meth . How can I help him . I am so afraid they have so medicated ? It’s the beginning of a long road to get him safe . Any and all advice is appreciated.

How can he be OK when he was using meth? Right now, hospital is the best place for him. The drugs they have got him on are a lot less harmful than meth. Perhaps if you try to cooperate with his treatment team, you will help him to get better. Otherwise, his life can only get much, much worse.

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You can help him by making sure he is getting the proper treatments (the best outcomes are typically a combination of medications and therapy - and exercise and good food also help in positive outcomes. Any drug abuse is going to make things worse - so helping him avoid those is also going to be a great help.

What state are you in?

I recommend you phone your local NAMI office to make sure you know of all the treatment and assistance options available to you.

Also - check out the list of early psychosis treatment centers - these are frequently the best places because they are supported by experts in treatment and are free and comprehensive:

Hi AAmark, I’m sorry you and your family are going through this.

If your son is an adult, find out from him whether he wants you to be part of his treatment and recovery. If he does, ask the hospital for a release form he signs so they can speak with you about his treatment. You might need separate ones from each doctor if they contract with the hospital. He would have to sign the forms; let him fill out the section that determines which information the providers can give you. Usually just the ability to converse, talk to staff about appointments, medications, treatment plans.

Visit. Bring things he needs that you have or can easily afford.

You’re right that it’s a long road; set pace accordingly. Best wishes to you and your family.

when my son was in the hospital we visited him as much as we could and he should be able to make phone calls so thats another way you can help is just being there as much as you can and be there to talk to him on the phone when he feels like talking , if he can . did he have a diagnosis of schizophrenia before the meth use ?