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20 year old son has schizophrenia and need guidance

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the group and need some guidance please. My son has been diagnosed for about a year now. He has lived with us three different times and has disobeyed the rules and disrespected my fiancée and I. He now lives with my sister and is about to be kicked out. Where do I turn to get him help so he is not homeless. I read that there are group homes that he could possibly apply for? Sorry to ramble just love him so much.

Thank You,
Joe B.

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All this depends on the services available in your state/county. Call the mental health division of the health department. There are also privately owned options (hefty price).

Hello jbarnett first of all he has been diagnosed although it’s not good at least you know,right.That first,next and this was one of the most important factors for me his medication, discuss the severity of his illness with his doctor and if one med is not working Let Them Know, that is vital there are others out there resperidone and abilfily are just to name two, don’t take to long to discuss with his doctor if his symptoms are worsening I made that error with my son. My personal opinion group home is not going to help your son they’re only going to give him stability as far as demographic. Dealing with family members with schizophrenia sometimes it’s better to allow them to go into a hospital to get the help they need for a short amount of time just to give them a new start. It is heartbreak I have watched my son going to one however if it is a proper facility they will help, give him his meds if he does not want to take it on his own and they will evaluate him before he leaves. When someone is mentally unstable you as a parent have a right even they are over the age of 21 to call and get help and refer them to the hospital even if they refuse to go the law does allow it. Never give up hope I love my son and my daughter so much both have schizophrenia one is less severe than the other and I pray about them and ask Jehovah to give you guidance but you cannot let love overshadow the help and the discipline that this sickness requires. Here’s another thing that I have learned on a personal note you and your spouse or if it’s just you you have got to give yourself some time away from the situation you need to take a break if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of your son. Take care you are not alone dealing with child with mental illness.

@jbarnette75 Allowing my son to become homeless was the only way we were able to convince him to stay on medication. Everytime other family members tried to intervene and allow him to stay with them when we wouldn’t allow him home the longer he was able to avoid getting help. Once he had no one else to turn to and was on the streets he agreed to medication and has been home ever since.

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