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My son is suffering & 18 years old. What rights to I have?

My one and only baby is suffering from this disease and he is refusing to move home.
About 6 weeks ago, my mother influenced him to move in with her and within a few hours, my son packed enough of his things to fit in her car and off they went. I was in the shower and didn’t even get to say goodbye. My mother is extremely unstable in so many ways, has tried taking my son from me since he was born, and now he is 18 so she took him.
He finally called me yesterday. Found out he is not allowed to take his Abilify since she does not like him on it (this is his most important med) so he is now having withdrawl symptoms and is all over the place mentally. Yet will not come home because he believes that every time we see each other I yell at him. Which is so not true. She is not taking care of him. She is never home and I believe she had no idea what she was getting into.
My mother and I do not speak. I am not allowed at her house. If she finds out that a doctor showed up at her house, she would freak. Then take it out on my son.
Is this a situation where I call for a “well check” on him?
He was telling me his living situation and it’s just not humane. Yet, he will not come home.
He needs to go to the hospital and start over. Get his life back on focus.
What rights do I have?

im not sure what your rights are but try to keep up good relations with your son


You have ALL the rights in the world to call for a wellness check on you son. Tell them about his medication needs, etc. when you call.
You do NOT have any rights to his information if he goes into the hospital.
unless he signs the paperwork to allow it.
HIPAA keeps medical information private after an individual turns 18. But many young adults remain on their parents’ health insurance plans until they’re 25.

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Thank you! I am walking on those eggshells as gently as possible. It’s impossible to predict his response in this state of mind.

Thank you! The wellness check is at the top of my list. Luckily, my SIL is supportive and is trying to help me get him home at the very least. Home is the next best place other than the hospital right now. My son is on my health insurance and gets all the best treatment possible.
Thank you for the link of information. There was a lot of needed answers.
Hugs to everyone! Thank you so much!!