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My son just left Home after 5 months of Hospital and Rehabiliation

Can you take him to have another shot soon? Be patient with him. At least he is with you and you are seeing him and communicating with him. you will be in my prayers…

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He has to go in and my husband said that if he causes a scene we will likely lose our Doctor. We will try and that is all. I know the shot is the very best way all around. That feels like it is sustainable. Thank you for the reminder. Take care and God bless you both. I just asked for God’s grace and mercy for all of us today.

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I am so sorry and understand how difficult it is to deal with an adult son who is schizophrenic. When my son was in his early twenties he disappeared and I finally found him living with a homeless family in a camp ground who had taken him in after he had been beaten up. In an attempt to bring him home I allowed him and the family to move to my 5 acre home. They were nice enough and I was able to help him see the best place for him was back at home. It all worked out. That was about 10 years ago. We still live together and there are times it is hard but after reading your post I realized how lucky I am to have found a basically livable existence. He was off medication for a long time but has never been able to say run a computer to a web site like this, get a job, have friends, girlfriend etc. He stays in his room and watches TV or talks to his imaginary group that seems to go everywhere with him. He can mow the lawn if I ask him to.( If he pulls the weeds he is likely to pull up anything green, planted plants and all) He comes with me to do small tasks. He loves music. He looks so normal and if he doesn’t talk you would never guess he is schizophrenic. But about two sentences into any conversation and your eyes will shoot from side to side trying to make heads or tails of what he is saying. It is heartbreaking to put it mildly. But I am so thankful we have found a way. He has started on some new meds that actually bring some clarity to his thinking. But it is not going to be a “game changer” by any means. If anything he has lately become more aware of just how his sickness has made him unable to be normal and say have a wife or a family or frankly a LIFE. Don’t know how good that kind of reality is when before it was almost a blissful ignorance. I’m reminded of the book “Flowers for Algernon” when he realizes he will loose his grasp on his “new found mind” and the horror of it all. It is a sadness that is hard to bear. It is no wonder that suicide is so prevalent among adult schizophrenics. Each person’s case seem to be so different in the way and intensity it presents, it’s hard to even give any advice as to what might work for one to be good for another. It is a tough road to travel. My heart goes out to out and I wish you the best in your efforts to help your son, please don’t give up on him. He may come around as time goes by and you will be glad you did. It is an ugly place out alone for anyone especially one who is mentally effected.


Thank you for your lovely message of hope. We had a good day today and I am grateful.

Thanks for your Sympathy. This is the most difficult thing I have ever encountered in my life. Sometime that I am not able to solve or conquer. Sometimes, I feel like a Monster is attacking us and are trying to destroy my family life.

Do you know why your son was beaten up? did he provoked the fight himself.
this is what I am afraid of.
I just want now that my son to come back home safe.

I have often felt the same way and have also thought of the book you mentioned… it is also why I end anything I post here (like advice) with “it’s just my opinion based on my experiences and everyone is different” because they truly are.

I don’t have any suggestions. I just wanted to say I am thinking of you.

Thanks for the thought. Please keep us in your prayers.

we do the best we can help and I appreciate your input. . Keep us in your prayers.

I haven’t gotten to the end of this thread but I dearly hope your son got into treatment my hubs says similar things to me that I’m not his wife that he wants to be homeless. Why does that similar sentiment arise with lots of sz patients I wonder? The paranoia? Distrusting family perhaps?

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Actually, I am now in a new chapter with my son disappearance. this time, it will be hard to track him.

He was hospitalized twice, once in Fremont, CA for 10 days and released back to Streets. then he called me during XMAS and wanted to come back and was asking me to get him a flight ticket. I told him to contact a friend there or my brother so they can give him ride to Airport, but he did not contact anyone and I did not hear from him for 6 days after that. From the phone # he called from, I knew that he was in San Jose, CA. I filed a missing police report, they found him in few days and took him to Hospital. Valley Medical Center Hospital decided after 10 days that it is time for him to be released. he was communicating with me and express the desire to come back but I know from the way he talked that he is not stable enough to Travel on his own.
I requested from hospital to hold him for couple days until I get fly there to get him but they claim that he refused to wait and wanted to take greyhound to come back to Arkansas. since, I am not a guardian and he is an adult. they let him go. they paid for his greyhound fare and packaged food for him to last him for few days
. He left last Thursdays at 2pm from San Jose and the bus was here in Little Rock at 4PM but he was not on the bus.
I just filed the 3rd police report for missing person.
I am really worried about him since he lost his drivers License, his ATM and he has no phone. He had trashed his laptop 2 months ago in California.
Not sure what to think anymore. Hospital are releasing after 10 days and deciding that he is stable enough to travel. This is Absurd. How can someone mentally ill and not stable take a 3 days trip with Greyhound,
I should had rejected him to me back home and let them release to streets again, I least I would know that he is still in san Jose but now, I would not know at what station he was lost at?
he may have drifted away in Los Angeles or any other station between San Jose or Los Angeles.

I feel so sad of what is happening to him’
Please keep me in your prayers…


Hello CAAR2016,
Have you heard anything from your son? I was thinking of you, I know the feeling when you lose contact with your loved one and all the worries and upsetting thoughts running through your mind. Take care and hopefully you will get to see him soon!:blossom:


Sparrow, Thanks for checking
Thanks God he called last night from El Paso Texas and get him a new greyhound ticket back Home. I hope he will be home Tuesday early morning.
my stress level was high and I was worry sick until I heard from him.
Now, I will have to worry about him to taking the Medicine and staying on it.

Prayers are Powerful
Thanks God for the blessings in my life.


Get my son a new Greyhound ticket from El Paso. he took the Bus and stopped in Big Spring Texas and assaulted a Female and ended up in Jail. because I have him as a missing person Through Santa Clara Police, the Lieutenant in Big Spring Texas called me and informed me that he is not missing. I told her that he is mentally ill and I will come to get him. She worked hard and talked to Judge about dropping the assault charges toward the female.

I went with a male friend this week to get him and it took about 9 hours to drive from my residence.
when I get there and he was released by the jail lady, he acted fast to go through the door and he was violent and he tried to hit me couple times and cursing me and cursing my friend and started walking toward the railroad. I ran after him but he kept on Cursing both of us. Then, the police showed up and I explained what happens and he is mentally ill and he can be a danger to Himself and others.
Police filed charges due to him assaulting me even though I told the police that I am not pressing charges. Next day, I met with jail administrator and he said that he is ready to follow Plan B. they commit him to State Hospital over there.
from the Hospital, My son contacted my cousin in Houston and he promised my cousin that he would take the medicine but I know this is all lies.

My son called me today and sounded little better but still confused and cursing.

He said that he would either be Homeless or Living with my Cousin in Houston and he would not want to live with me.
I know my cousin in Houston cannot handle him. he has a wife and 3 kids and he would not be able to care for him.

He said that he likes being Homeless.

Of course, he is still Sick and he has been on and off 3 Hospitals in the past 3 Months.

Can Someone confirm that desire to be homeless is contributed to his Illness and if he is feeling well,
he would not desire to be Homeless.

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I’m sure that if he was well, he wouldn’t want to be homeless. That’s the illness talking - just like the cursing.

He’s saying that because he’s mad at you & he’s afraid of jail & the hospital right now.

Maybe, Plan B will be the thing that helps him. I hear state hospitals keep them longer, and maybe with the law involved, they’ll really be able to make a dent in his psychosis. Let’s all hope so anyway.

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Here are state hospitals see the sickest patients and are really good at keeping them long enough to get them stable. God bless but I think Plan B might be best too!

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When my son was at his worst with his illness he would say over and over that he didn’t want to live with me or anyone and that he wanted to be homeless and he liked to be homeless and it was definitely part of the illness and delusions. I also think that somewhere in the minds of schizophrenics they think homelessness is simple and uncomplicated in lieu of the chaotic storm going on in their brain…I mean; no rent, no utilities, no chores, no repairs…it translates to simpler even though it is clearly a bad choice. I ignored my son and proceeded getting him the help he needed and eventually getting him moved in with me…it was a war for a couple of years before he started to improve and sometimes I wasn’t even sure I would make it but somehow I did…we did… and today (10 years later) he has no recollection of ever saying those things…sanity changes everything.


they’ll really be able to make a dent in his psychosis. Let’s all hope so anyway.
Yes, I am hoping for this solution so I can get some peace at least for few weeks.

Thanks for sharing and for your input. Just curious :how old is your son? I mean How long does a mentally ill has to be on medicine before he becomes sane. the issue with my Son is medicine Compliance.

I am thinking that I may need to search for long term treatment center so he can be stable for 5 to 6 months before coming back to live with me. will talk to his social worker about this.


That is a really good idea. If he can stabilize somewhere else before he returns to live with you, your family might enjoy a better life together.

Even a group home or halfway house would be okay if there were sufficient supervision and support.

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