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My twelve year old son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia

I have a twelve year old son who hears voices cusses me out and see shadows and devils. His psychiatrist has him on prolixin 12.5 injection every two weeks because he refused to take his meds. He is also on zyprexa at bedtime. I want to learn more about his disorder because when he has a moment I don’t know what to do.

Hello Shawanda,

You are posting in the Diagnosed forum, which is intended for those who have the condition. From the content of your post it belongs in the Family section, which is for family and caregivers. I have moved your post to the correct section.

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How long has he been receiving injections?

I feel sorry for him, being diagnosed so young. The only thing I can probably contribute is that many people here including myself struggle to take our meds, as the side effects and the way they make you feel can sometimes feel worse than the untreated disease.

Unfortunately, the untreated disease can kill you.

Not every med works the same way for everybody, and not everyone can tolerate the same meds.

E.g. I could tolerate a med called seroquel, but it made me worse if anything. I have a real difficult time tolerating abilify at the moment, but it works.

So, as a parent, you should work with his doctors to find a med that balances side effects,tolerability and effectiveness.

Make sure you get regular blood tests to make sure everything’s OK internally. The doctors should advise you on what blood tests to get.

Also have his heart checked regularly.

Wish I could help a bit more.

Where I live the NHS Trust emphasises recovery. I guess they wouldn’t do that unless it was achievable.

If you want more information, visit this site (It may be helpful):