My wife has Paranoid Schizophrenia

Hi, My wife was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia last year and was admitted to a nearby Psychiatry center (30th July - 23rd August 2015). At that time, she was taking tuition classes of our neighbor’s kids and they used to disturb her a lot every now and then, so she had a breakdown and had afight with them. She even approached police station at that time to lodge a case against me and those neighbors based on her suspicion. Somewhat similar situation has happened in 2013 when we were living somewhere else.

Since then, we have been regularly visiting psychiatrist for consultation and medicines prescribed are as follows:

  1. Amazeo 200 (Amisulpride) - she stopped having her menstruation cycle in between, so medicine was changed later.
  2. Asenapt 5 (Asenapine) along with Pacitane - However, this did not work for her and she had a relapse after a month or so this Jan’16.

Recently, she had a relapse due to the same reason that those neighbors are disturbing our lives again and influencing me even though we have shifted to a near by location (her parental house is at a walking distance). Ultimately, I became the culprit as usual and she again lodged police complain against me that she needs divorce. Her parents admitted her to the same trauma center on 18th Jan and now, doctors changed her medicines (Brexpiprazole - I guess, which is slight intermittent to Amazeo and is still effective) and are suggesting to go for ECT. Is ECT safe enough and effective in this case? Also, I am still not too sure if the treatment is correct and what I can do from my side for her in long term when she is with us again.

Trust her psychiatrists and other professional people treating her and when and if she comes back, help her to take her meds. I do not know what else to say.

I have paranoid schizophrenia and I’m on a close relative of brexpiprazole called abilify. The meds can take a few months to work their magic. Personally I’d never have ECT, but that’s just me. If she’s just gone on brexpiprazole, I’d certainly give it a while to see if it’s working before ECT.

I agree with @everhopeful, I would wait for the meds to work before embarking on ECT. It’s a last resort, and your wife doesn’t seem at that point of treatment resistance.

I suggest waiting for the meds to work, or changing meds.

Personally I would never try ECT

I have paranoid schizophrenia and from my experience I know that peaceful and not triggering environments help to avoid any triggers causing paranoid processes, so when she comes back, you may want to create this type of a peaceful environment for her, plus help her to take her meds.

hi sameer are u from India…???

Yes, I am from Delhi, India.

hi Sameer i am from Nepal…
i would say have trust on ur pdoc…