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Not on medication

My mother suffers from sz for 20years now and she’s not on medication. It’s persecutive delusional form. I’m really concerned about drug side effects specially weight gain and metabolic syndrome… any advice?

Was she ever on medication? Is she willing to take medication now?

Often times, if not usually, the side affects pale in comparison to the horrible symptoms this illness causes.

Are you looking for recommendations of anti-psychotic meds that don’t have weight gain side affects? I think it depends on the person and the med. There’s no guarantee.

Depending on how much your mother’s illness is ruining her happiness and functionality, it seems like trying any med is worth the risk.

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The key is IF your mother will take meds and stay on them or IF you can legally force her to take them. The right meds can give her life back to herself. I believe that is worth more than any possible side effect. However, many ill people will not take meds at all, and if forced to take them will not stay on them. It depends on the laws where you live. whether you can force your mother to stay on meds or not. It is a hard journey.

In my own experience, my daughter has been ill with paranoid schizophrenia for 2.5 years and only once was she sort of “normal” with delusions and hallucinations gone. That was on a forced injection after her 4th forced hospitalization for about 4 weeks. The three prior hospitalizations and prior medications did not work anywhere near as well. However, I could NOT get her to go back to the doctor on her own no matter what I tried and she returned to her psychotic state over six months ago when the injection wore off.

I would give anything to get her back onto those meds, however, in my location, I cannot legally force her any longer, as she is not a danger to herself or others. She has wised up to how to avoid forced hospitalization.

Good luck with finding the right care and the right meds for your mother.

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She’s never been on any med. she never accepts to take medications. And got no insight about her condition.
Actually it’s my choice to put her on medication and accept all the possible side effects, which hurts me because it’s a huge responsibility…
Thank you for sharing your advice🙏🏻


Your words made me motivated and less worried, thank you so much :raised_hands:t2:

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You must trust yourself and your decisions about how to handle your mother. If you can worry less, that is the best you can do for yourself. There is no one answer to this illness, and no one should fault you for trying to handle your mother’s issues if you are doing it out of love and hope for a better life for her.

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