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Omg! Is he getting better?

Okay my son is been schizophrenic for about a year-and-a-half now. He has been homeless and eating out of garbage cans. He has a phone that he’s been posting videos on Instagram (when he has wifi from McDonald’s, ) for the last year talking about his hallucinations and such. Today he posted 4 videos and they are talking about how he is been in a delusion for the last couple of months and he’s confused and he doesn’t know what to think. To me, just the fact that he is talking about he’s been in delusions and he’s been in hallucination hell!
Can this happen? My hope is through the roof right now. Has anyone just “got better”


People can get better. Especially in those first two years. I read this in Dr. Fuller’s book Surviving Schizophrenia. So, it’s possible.

Also a possibility: the illness has cycles and episodes.

Either way, if he’s feeling better and thinking more clearly about his life, that is good news:)


He still thinks he is jesus christ. But if he realized that the last few months have been a hallucination then maybe he will continue to get better. He apologized if he’d hurt anyone or cause any confusion for anyone. On the video, he looks like his old self. His eyes look clearer. You’re right as long as he’s feeling a little clearer life is way better. Thank you for responding


That is great to hear! I hope he is getting better!

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getting without Meds… how great … more power to your family…

Yes. Cured? I don’t know.
We went through a major terrifying episode a year ago. Since then he has refused meds…at first because he was not ill. It was awful.
Months later, it appears though his symptoms have lightened. He admits now he is ill and checks his delusions and audio hallucinations by talking about them. Sometimes just to himself or the dog, sometimes to me. He functions in that he is able to live on his own but it is still a looonnnnggg way from normal.

For a long period of time he tried many drugs became lethargic and despondent. He no longer reacted to the delusions or hallucinations, because the effort was too great but they were still there. He also seemed to lack enjoyment of life. So the last med added was an antidepressant and that sent him into a dark spiral and involuntary admit. It does cause me to wonder if some of the drugs used in treatment are not as helpful in control of symptoms as much as they are sedative.

Now I am not an advocate to reject meds and try diet or holistic meds instead, I just think in his case, the right med or combo of meds was not found and rather than remain miserable he decided to learn to cope. What the future holds…IDK. For now, this is where we are at.

This would be my dream come true, something I’d give everything for. Here’s to hope.

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