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Please help- religion question

Hello, my sister has had bipolar and clinical depression for many years and has since starting showing signs of possible schizophrenia. (My brother in law is diagnosed schizophrenic, so I have some background knowledge of the illness). I need advice about my sister’s behaviors. For the past 2 1/2 years or so she has found God. But I am concerned that her faith has become obsessive and she has delusions that the end times is very very near. She has calculated events on calendars circling possible “coming of Christ” days, every terrorist event, natural disaster, and huge news story is all related in her mind to the prophecies and the book of revelations. Is this schizophrenic, delusional behavior? She is completely convinced she needs to save us all and has taken to preaching, no shoving religion down our throats. It’s all she ever talks about. And she rambles, and has all these theories. It’s bizarre. Any advice is welcomed.

It definitely sounds like delusional behavior. Was she ever like this in the past?

This sounds like my aunt, she has schizophrenia, i’m not saying your sister has it but just from my personal experience with my aunt. She felt she had to save my brother’s soul from my mom. so she took him to church to be prayed over and had him baptized all against my mom wishes. my aunt is obsessed with religion and my brother

Could be a sign of mental illness.

Are there any other signs of mental illness? There are lots of people who have strong religious beliefs and shove them down people’s throats and this can be considered “culturally appropriate” belief.

Maybe? It also just sounds like your typical over the top christian, which, depending who you ask, may also be a sign of mental illness.

The only person that can figure it out is a doctor. If you can get her to talk about it with her psychiatrist that would be ideal.

That’s a bit more than typical religious fanaticism and definitely would be classified as a delusion.

Try not to argue with her about her beliefs, and just don’t dismiss what she says entirely, and then try to just change the subject if you can. This is what I remember my older brother doing to me when I first started ranting fanatically of my religious oriented convictions. It made me realize that I must have sounded like a mad man.

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Religious idealization is not limited to schizophrenia and can be found in other mental illnesses as well as bipolar.

I think am also deluded religiously.