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Respirdal Lawsuits

Ive been experiencing a lot of memory problems myself, but it could also be coming from my depression, in my case it might not be from the meds.

@Wave memory problems are a side effect of risperdal

Well, what do you know, then maybe it is the Risperdal - thanks @Minnii :smile:

I don’t feel depressed or sad in the least. God keeps me happy and content all of the time. And I have lots of interests that keep me always busy. I am very content. So, I don’t think it is depression with me. I think it is the Risperdal.

Yeah, I think its about time that i make a switch in meds, but Im too scared really.

Scared of the new med’s side effects and worried that the new med will make me crazy, in other words it wont work as well.

I think you’re right, Wave. If something is not broke, don’t fix it. After all, just who is this MInnii? She could be an intruder from the “anti psychiatry”, “anti medication” fields. And there are a lot of those kinds of people out there on the internet, as we know. Always trying to persuade us to go off of our meds, and quit seeing our doctors.

I would never tell you to go off your meds, was just stating that it is a side effect. Sorry for intruding.

lol, No, @Minnii is legit. She is a an active and helpful member here on this site.

I am pretty sure that she has Schizoaffective disorder - she is not antipsychiatry.

OK then, I am sorry, Minnii. My meds really help me a lot. I am almost like a normal person now because of them. It’s only my memory I have to struggle with now. But, I am getting help for that. It’s just too bad I have to be on so many meds to get to this point of almost normalcy.

Perhaps if we ALL cared note about “douchey” behavior a bit more we would not have the lawsuit happy causing trouble. What other method of issuing responsibilty do you have for people who have been wronged??