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Respirdal Lawsuits


My brother with paranoid schizophrenia is now 58 years old and he took respirdal for 20+ years.
He is now living with obesity, gynecomastia (man boobs), liver, heart, kidney damage, neuroleptic syndrome etc.
He was a emulsion chemist before his diagnosis and has been saying for years he cannot take these meds and he’d give me a list of all the side effects and he was right about respirdal.
I looked this up and there have been $2 billion payouts to those that used this drug, by the company that makes this drug = Johnson & Johnson.
He is now off this drug because it didn’t work for him anymore so he is extremely violent and delusional. Also he is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder.
He’s now on haldol, depakote and many others=court ordered, but the court order will stop soon.
What is so sad is that, even with all these drugs, he is still severely paranoid and violent…maybe nothing will work for him anymore?
He has been in jail and hospitalized many times since he was diagnosed at the age of 30.
So, my question:
Have any of you filed a lawsuit about respirdal?
I sent my brother info on this but I have not heard back from him and I know he is too sick to do anything about this and he has not allowed me to access his medical records so I can’t file a lawsuit of him.

Let me know if you know anything about this or if you have filed a lawsuit.
Also, how do I do this when I have no medical info about my brother and he refuses to give me access?


Is he diabetic? A lot of that sounds like diabetic complications and can be the result of improperly managed diabetes as well.


I’ve been on it for 3 months. I’m on the smallest dose, but I have noticed that I am starting to memory issues. Not sure if it’s related or not, but it is listed as a common side effect.

It’s unfortunate that these drugs have these types of side effects. I will certainly will be talking to my pdoc about this.

Thanks for sharing and I’m sorry to hear your brother is struggling.

Sounds like the drug gave your brother 20 years of life free from delusional, violent, hell. Sometimes we have to make trade-offs between mental health and physical health.

You both knew the side effects, yet he still took the meds.

Your cashing in just makes things worse for all of us.

The lawsuits only for under 18 years old as the basis of the lawsuit was that kids got gynecomastia from Jansen pharmaceutical marketing pediatric use.

Haldol also causes man boobs. If he has disability he can try Latuda it’s the safest med out there with low prolactin increases and low qt interval prolongation

Trust me I checked for the lawsuit myself after getting breast tissue.

These lawsuits certainly drive up the price of the meds for those of us who rely on them to stay functional. I often how much of what I pay for each pill is for medication and how much is for legal fees.


The lawsuits don’t effect the price of meds. That’s not true.

With liver damage I’m surprised he is taking Depakote as this damages the liver

Surely you jest. Businesses pass on ALL costs to consumers or they go under. Litigation is an expense that gets passed on. I used to run a business. Every increase in insurance costs, utility costs, shipping costs, those all got passed on in the prices I charged.


Risperdal is now generic from several companies if Jansen passes on the cost of their lawsuit to risperdal users they lose its called perfect competition

They don’t have to pass it off to just Risperidal users. They can get that money back in a ton of different ways with other drugs.

And why do you think the new, patented drugs are priced out of reach? They have to recover those legal costs somewhere.


Then the problem is of the illegal marketing of a drug to doctors for child use. Not the lawsuits themselves

The end problem is that I still wind up paying a portion of that price in my own meds. I don’t care who is responsible for the douchey behaviour, I just don’t want it coming out of MY budget. Thank gawd I was able to switch to generics this past year. I bet the generics would be even cheaper if the companies making them didn’t have to pay so much for liability insurance.


kathyf, I understand why you want to explore sources of potential financial support for a family member with serious mental illness.

So you know, there is almost no way you can access a person’s medical records without their permission. It’s your brother’s right to keep these private.

I have ben taking risperdal for years, and @Malvok is right, its a Trade Off sometimes between some physical Health issues and Sanity.

I am having some Health isues caused by the Risperdal, but I am aware of the side effects but still continued to take the Med.

Suing the Pharmaceutical company would be ridiculous - It really is a Trade Off.

I am experiencing some Health issues from the Risperdal, like Hormonal problems but this medication gave me my sanity, and for this Im grateful.

I had been taking oral Risperdal on and off, for about 12 years, without any adverse effects on my physical health. Then, 8 years ago, I began Risperdal Consta IM. It is much more effective on my psych. symptoms. I have not had any physical problems from the med. in this form of administration either.

How many years did you take Risperdal?

Close to 10 years …

I’ve been taking it ever since it came out, 20 years ago. I’ve been having a lot of memory problems that have been getting much worse lately. My pdoc insists that the memory problems are a result of my sza. But, I’m not so sure. I think that they might be from the anti psychotics that i take. I’m on 3 of them. Especially the Risperdal Consta. My pdoc insists absolutely that psych meds improve cognition. I don’t know, I need to read more about this. I suspect that this is controversial.