Risperidone high after increase in meds?

Sorry for interrupting, I’ve taken trazadone for years. My son takes (supposed to) respiridone. Have either of you tried or heard of Remeron? I’ve had to take them and trazadone due to recurring nightmares. I have not had issues with the trazadone, but I found the Remeron very effective and less “intrusive “ as trazadone can be. Maybe it would be something you might read up on and see if it may help your situation. I wish you the best of luck.

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Medication is critical for my daughter. At the beginning of her illness, i had friends and family suggested that i make homemade kefir, get an exorcism, and insist it was trauma. They didnt bother to read about the illness and their responses were completely invalidating of the hell we were living. I just thanked them and more forward with medical remedies.

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Sorry for the late reply; I’m having trouble with this site and seeing recent posts/replies. Maybe because I use Opera as a WEB browser.

My ego is so intact that I care little for any negatives from the Shrinks. I have the DSM-5 at home and I can tell you that this psychiatric bible is so crappy. Like they are trying to make a science from guesswork. All of us should have this reference book.

A good plan for a newly diagnosed and hospitalized Schizo is 2 weekly follow ups. We’ve seen our pill dispensing nurse 1x in 2 months. I’ve been told our area is a wasteland for psychiatric help. My friend is a psychiatrist; he told me he wouldn’t recommend anyone in the area.

Back to the issue. I’ve been keeping a journal almost all my life. I pull the entries about medication and moods out of it so I can show the Nurse exactly what happened that caused a need for Trazadone or an increase in Risperidone. We’ve dispensed with all other meds as just not needed.

But good news!!! My wife is from the Philippines. Yesterday her friend was over and they TikTok’d with a witch Dr. there. He told her to stop taking all meds and if she can’t sleep she should TikTok him. So cured. Right? On the more serious side the DSM-5 does include a chapter in the back about treating people from other cultures. So not to belittle this kind of, I suppose I should capitalize Witch Dr…

The journal really helps; try it. I assume your son trusts you implicitly. So does my wife. Part of the issue for her is what happens when I die. So I’m embarking on a kind of CBT program to give her all the tools to feel more comfortable to living on her own. First order of business this morning is the annual cleaning of the bathroom sink drains.

When I looked this up, I see it’s Mirtazapine. I wish they only had 1 name for these pills. Yes, she was taking that when she first exited the hospital. I wonder if it’s used off-label for sleep. She didn’t like the feel after taking that; too fuzzy afterwards. Then she read about side effects and we stopped with that. She was taking that along with Trazadone. I didn’t feel she was depressed unnecessarily; only for having been locked up. That’s one of her fears; having that happen again. She doesn’t want to be kept against her will. That was difficult for our marriage as well. She blamed me.

Maybe you need a referral to our witch Dr… We’ve had the same issue. We now sleep over some kind of bay leaves and salt concoction thanks to her well meaning friend. Thing is I don’t make fun of these folk remedies. If she REALLY believed, they might do more good than the pills. Exorcism, eh? Too bad she was brought up in a healing cult on a small island. If she were Catholic like all the other Filipinos, maybe that would work. :grinning:

Usually I’m a puddle of tears over this disease, my son has schizophrenia. But there are sometimes actually funny things that, yes, sound crazy, but can be very funny. I think it’s okay. I’ve thought about starting a topic on something like this, what are some things you’ve found yourself chuckling over …

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I think that’s a great idea! We need to be reminded there can be some good times, and funny times, and even sweet times.