Selective Amnesia

Is this a symptom of schizophrenia? When a person says a delusion o theirs, but then completely denies of forgets it? I’m trying to understand my mother’s symptoms or illness and manage this while living at home. She’s been on this “body changing” delusion, and she did this about 2 years ago. She sees faces in magazines of people she thinks are other people. She thinks she has been movie stars etc. Is that normal of schizophrenia? I never had those symptoms. It wasn’t that complex. Her delusions are really odd. One minute she’s making food, the second something upsets her she goes off on a rant about her paranoia. No one can talk her down from the psychosis. She has a muscle disorder, metal plates for a broken arm and foot surgery, she has CMT which affects muscle tissue, and both my grandma’s on either side had dementia and alzheimers. Is she covering up traumatic memories? Like the death of loved ones? She had her first major episode when she went to the funeral of her best friend many years ago. Her second after going to jail. But now it’s been a consistent maybe 5 or more years she’s been in constant psychosis, with a 3 week break when my dad was able to get her inpatient but she never continued medications and the insurance intervened.

Her newest delusion is thinking we’re all on a TV show. She’ll just start saying, “And this wasn’t real you didn’t say about how mean of a mother I was on TV?”

    **Hi Starrynight......your mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia?**

@StarryNight…I used to think I was part of a tv show. This is quite symptomatic of schizophrenia. It can be referred to as the “Truman Show” delusion. Its a film about where the main character is part of this delusion. Its a film worth watching to understand the nature of that sort of delusion.

Also, I used to believe I was the reincarnation of dead famous people. I also believed I could communicate with dead spirits, including dead famous people such as Grace Kelly (the Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco). Its just a symptom of schizophrenia.

Also, I can rant quite a bit about all and sundry when Im suffering from this illness. And I get paranoid and overly anxious. When Im like that I sometimes take a tablet and get to sleep. I can feel better if I just relax.

Your mother will get better. Schizophrenia is an illness that ebbs and flows. It can be poorly one day, and good the next. But in time you do improve. It just takes time, a bit of patience and family support helps a lot.