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Sister in Need - Conservatiship

My sister is looking into conservatiship for her son and she is not wealthy, where does she begin to get assistance for her son? He already receives SSI and has a counselor but it’s really going no where. Any advise is welcomed.


In most US states, there is Legal Aid for people who can’t afford lawyers. Start there? Or maybe with local Guardianship Board, which should be through the district court.

With SSI and services in place, that’s actually really good for US.

The Bazalon website has lots of free documents that might make it easier and cheaper:

Summary and Links to Guardianship and Conservatorship Forms and Information

Here is their web site which is a great resource:

And perhaps have your sister talk to her local NAMI office - to help identify an inexpensive lawyer with a focus on mental health issues that could help, if needed.