Sleeping Med for your loved one?

I don’t know if anyone giving a sleeping Med to let your child sleep all night, but sometimes we are suffering with my son 15 years to make him sleep, he is on SZ med (since 4 weeks now), others gave side effects. Doctor said to give Melatonin 10 mg, but sometimes that does NOT help - he keeps walking in the house all night and next day he gets agitated and starting to be aggressive 9due to not sleep, i guess)?

any recommendations?

We use Benadryl, or now he has a prescription antihistimine Hydroxizine (sp?).

When my son can’t sleep, sometimes it means he’s a little manic. Lots of medications seem to do that to him, so he tends to take the medications that are pretty sedating.

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My son has trouble sleeping when he is experiencing stronger episodes of psychosis. For my son, psychosis is a constant factor, BUT, it does vary in degrees of severity. During more severe episodes of psychosis, he cannot sleep. My son would become more psychotic and agitated the longer he went without sleep.

Personally, in my humble opinion, my son’s brain was just churning too wildly for him to fall asleep during those more severe episodes.

My Family to Family teacher’s son was given prescribed meds to help him sleep at night.


My son was prescribed mirtazapine for sleep as needed. He also stops sleeping when in a manic state and it often leads to psychosis. At a family workshop the psychiatrist explained when our loved ones stop sleeping their brain begins to swell putting pressure on the cranium and this leads to damage to the nerves. This really helped me put into perspective how much the sleep pattern played a role in his symptoms. I would explain to your doctor what is happening and hopefully they could give you a prescription that is more consistent.


My son is on trazadone 50 ml per night. It works and allows his brain time to rest.

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I heard melatonine gets less effective with use ??? I bought rhis sleep aide on it worked for me and im not tired in am…like some sleeping pills i tried…

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Oh another thing that hekos a bit with my son is the medication he js in, is olanzapine and its at night it make a him sleepy…

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My son is the same… we use trazedone 50 mg… works well

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My son has schizophrenia as well and is doing well sleeping all night and not feeling groggy in the morning with Trazadone 1 tab (100 mg ) before bed. After taking it, it takes about 15 minutes or less for him to fall asleep. Also, monitoring his sugar and caffeine intake from soda or energy drinks, desire for sweets is also very important. He should be drinking only water and not eating anything after 7:00 PM. That gives his body enough time to digest food and be able to empty bladder before bed.

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