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Smoking info to share - cost savings

I think this is my first time posting although I have stopped by and read posts off and on.

My daughter with schizoaffective disorder smokes - a lot. She has tried to quit a couple of times but smoking provides her solace and satisfaction in a life that has little enough of that.

Last year, she found out from a penpal about making her own cigarettes at a huge cost and with a little table top hand operated machine that has saved her lots of money and trips to the store. I asked her to provide me the info so I could share it all with you.

I hope posting this is okay with the forum! Obviously, I not only wish she didn’t smoke or feel the overwhelming need to smoke…


Video to the machine:

Where I buy my loose tobacco:

I buy a brand called The Good Stuff Full Flavor Red. It is $13 for a one pound bag. The final cost for cigarettes is about $10-ish a carton. The machine and the empty cigarette tubes can be bought at Amazon or other stores. There are other brands and stuff that people can check out, obviously, but you can just throw this out as an idea for people. Also, it was a little tricky at first to get the cigarettes right, but you figure it out pretty fast.


Well it gives her something to do and it’s somewhat creative!


That is a good idea for lots of reasons. Thank you.

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