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Son 46 lives at home

my son is 46 lives at home. he spends his day walking up and down our street literally all day he wont take his meds how can i help him


Just continuously let him know you are there for him when/if he needs you! Is this something out of the ordinary for him?


@cathy1 Have you considered medical guardianship and forcing the issue maybe with the monthly shots or something like that? Not everything works for everybody. Just throwing out ideas is all and wishing you both the best possible outcome.


not out of ordinary he hs done this for year or more

Well my son is 31 and I’m 50 and he walks a lot in the fields behind our house. He used to have skates and he would skate back and forth in front of the house. I could hear the neighbors laughing. I felt sad for him! And he always has his earbuds in and sings very loud and very much off key​:joy:! But I know that’s how he copes. I wish they could find a cure for this disease! Until then, always actively listen to him, let him know you’re there for him no matter what and enjoy the good days!! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Have you tried to get him to a psychologist for therapy? That might be a good first step - just to help him in coping. While therapy helps most if a person is also on medication, it might be a start at gaining some insight. There is a lot of information to show that CBT for schizophrenia can be helpful - even in cases where the person does not’ take medication. Here are some videos I recommend you watch:

Does your son receive SSI? A living alternative would be a board & care facility. Board & care facilities monitor the residents medication. My thirty-seven-year-old son lives in one and likes it very much. He lives with other residents that live with bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. So he can talk and share his feelings and concerns with people who can relate to him without feeling stigma.